Saints Eleven - Coming Back Around

This Dallas-based band plays a sort of country music that rings with authenticity; whether vocalist Jeff Grossman is professing eternal love for a mate ("My Heart") or attempting, with tail between legs, to get back with an ex, ("Coming Back Around") the plaintive quality of his voice makes every word believable.

The style of country music that Saints Eleven plays drips with honesty too; their stripped-down nod to vintage country with a Texas twang is a refreshing change from the watered-down crossover country that is all too prevalent today.

The guys even have a song that is sort of a commentary on that; the weepy, pedal steel-infused "Heartbreak Songs" wonders aloud about where all the songs about cheatin' and honky-tonk angels have gone.

Grossman wrote all the songs on this very impressive effort except for one; a swinging cover of Buck Owens' "Crying Time" pays homage not only to the late singer but to an entire era.

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