Charlie and the Regrets - Rivers in the Streets

Charlie and the Regrets lead singer Charlie Harrison has been quoted as saying, "Everything I say is with a smile and a wink," and that becomes obvious right away here on opening track "Proud Man."

The song has an irresistible country dance groove that's so effective that the listener might not realize at first that Harrison is singing about a man who's frying potatoes for his woman and rubbing lotion on her feet, a clear down-to-earth expression of affection that is indeed delivered with a wink.

On the swinging, Bakersfield-informed "The Gavel," Harrison waxes cute about being in the slammer; "Now the state has my body and the county just sold my truck." All of this just indicates that Charlie & the Regrets are having a great time, and that translates well to the listener whether the band is rocking to the Georgia Satellites-like "Baytown," boogieing like crazy on the rave-up "What Can I Do" or taking a more serious tone for "Houston Rain." An authentic and refreshing take on Americana with a Texas accent. Get your copy here

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