Evan Michaels - Ain't No Stopping This

Michaels is a native of Stillwater, Oklahoma who after a stint in Nashville realized that he'd be more comfortable back home in Red Dirt country, so today he is one of the preeminent artists representing the Stillwater scene.

Having written over 200 songs, Michaels is perhaps more known to his songwriting peers than he is to the country music-loving public at large, but this latest release, a six-song EP, has the goods to change that.

The effort begins with the title cut, a rocking alt country gem that finds Michaels portraying a guy who is thoroughly enjoying his latest romantic fling even though he knows that it's going to lead to trouble.

"Too Big for the Both of Us" is another relationship song, about escaping the city and workaday world for a weekend of romance, while "Must've Been Drinking" is a fuzzy recollection of an evening that culminated with a truth-comes-tumbling-out telephone call to an ex.

In other words, Michaels sings about situations that are easily related to, especially for singles and the recently heartbroken. Also included is the ominous-sounding "Tomorrow Today," a very cool song but hopefully one that none of his fans can completely relate to; the song is about murder.

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