Jeffrey Halford and the Healers - Lo-fi Dreams

Fans of Elvis Presley know that the late King of Rock and Roll once shot a television, and in fact that TV is now on display at Graceland. The story behind the shooting is a bit complex, but here Halford interprets the situation in "Elvis Shot the Television," one of the most fun songs on Lo-fi Dreams.

Halford plays guitar in many different styles here but it is his woozy slide work on "Elvis Shot the Television" that ramps up the surrealism factor that's brought to life by lyrics like, "Elvis shot the television/He shot the television/He shot the RCA�" That's the weird story for the album though; mostly Halford doles out alt country with liberal doses of soul and the occasional tender ballad ("10,000 Miles") or sweet remembrance ("Last Kiss".)

Halford is an exceptional storyteller and he penned everything here, and his guitar work is hot but not overly showy; keys man (and drummer) Adam Rossi gets plenty of room and shines on piano and organ in particular.

This is actually Halford's eighth release and if you haven't yet heard his stuff here's a real good place to start. Order your copy here.

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