Def Leppard Box Set


Def Leppard - Hysteria: The Singles - (Box set with 10 7" vinyl 45-RPM singles in picture sleeves)

English rockers Def Leppard couldn't have picked a better name for their 1987 album Hysteria as fans went nuts for the hit-packed offering. Almost every song on the album was released as a single, and they're all included in this set, in picture sleeves duplicating the originals. You have a powerful set with the A-sides being "Women," "Animal," "Hysteria," "Pour Some Sugar on Me," "Love Bites," "Armageddon It" and "Rocket," but the B-sides may be the big interest here for collectors. "Tear it Down," a cut that would appear on Adrenalize, appears twice, both as the B-side of "Women" and the (included as a nice bonus) Spanish pressing of "Animal." "I Wanna Be Your Hero," "Ride Into the Sun" from the Def Leppard EP, "Ring of Fire" and live versions of "Billy's Got a Gun" and "Women" make up the bulk of the B-side offerings. A novelty version of the old country standard "Release Me," supposedly featuring just the band's crew members serves as the B-side of "Armageddon It." And, as singer Joe Elliott notes in the enclosed Hysteria singles discography (nice to reference if you want to, for example, know about the release of "Women" as a single in Malaysia), there were songs on Hysteria that were not released as singles or B-sides. That's mostly remedied here; previously unreleased in singles form but included here are "Excitable" b/w "Run Riot" and "Love and Affection" b/w "Don't Shoot Shotgun." That just leaves "Gods of War" as the odd man out and the only Hysteria cut not represented here. The set is packaged in a sturdy cardboard box with a lift-off lid and the picture sleeves are heavy duty too, so these pieces will stand up to all the love they're likely to get.

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