High Voltage

Not to be confused with the '90s action thriller with the same title, "High Voltage" is a new production written and directed by Alex Keledjian ("Feast," "Project Greenlight") and starring David Arquette, Allie Gonino, Ryan Donowho, Perrey Reeves and Luke Wilson. Arquette plays Jimmy Kleen, a washed-up rock star who sees a meal ticket in Rachel (Gonino), a talented young singer that Kleen figures he can mold into a star. Kleen has a lot of work to do; Rachel gets stage fright at her first live performance and leaves the stage without singing a word, leaving Kleen and the band with egg on their faces. Meanwhile Rachel's mother Barb, played by Reeves, begins to horn in on Kleen's mentoring of Rachel, but that's short lived as soon Barb and Rachel are struck by lightning. Both die but somehow Rachel comes back to life and now she has the power of electricity within her. A bit campy throughout, here's where the plot gets really wild as Rachel soon figures out how to use her power to get what she wants by sapping the life out of men and using the electricity within her to morph into an on-stage dynamo. Stardom ensues but at a cost as Rachel indulges in murder and all sorts of mayhem. For his part, which is limited, Wilson plays a record business nabob who after much cajoling by Kleen agrees to work with Rachel. This is as far as we can go here without spoiling the ending; let's just say that there's a twist in the plot and it is, well, a "shocker!" Physical packages of the film include both DVD and Blu-ray copies along with a digital copy.

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