Father's Day Edition

In honor of Father's Day, our spotlight on vinyl spins the new release from Dad Brains, and of course we wouldn't want mom to feel left out, so we also listen to the new one from the Ramoms. Both releases are from Pirates Press Records.

Dad Brains - Dadditude - 7" EP on blood red vinyl, picture sleeve
"Happy Father's Day from the Dad Brains crew!" That's a line from "Father's Day," one of the cuts on this new four-song EP from vocalist Pat Pedraza, guitarist Matt Kash, bass man Craig Kasamis and drummer John Crerar. The guys play what they call "dadcore," a form of hardcore "made by dads, for dads." But anyone who likes short and punchy hardcore tunes delivered with a wink will like this record; "Father's Day" for example sounds kind of like the Beastie Boys on speed. "Dadditude" is particularly frenzied as Pedraza sings like he's been pushed to the edge, perhaps by the kids or just the daily rigors of dadhood, while "Little Things," like everything here, is infused with a bit of humor. Addressing the baby, Pedraza sings "Gotta change that diaper before your first nap/What a surprise, no poopie on your back!" "Daddy Guilt" has a bit of an air of despair about it and clearly is a nod to the grunge era.

Ramoms - Problem Child - 7" EP on blood red vinyl, picture sleeve
The Ramoms are an all-female Ramones tribute band consisting of singer Jodi Ramom, guitarist Sharon Ramom, bassist Molly Ramom and drummer Ginger Ramom. Here they start this three-song effort with "Gritty is a Punk," a reworking of "Judy is a Punk" where the ladies change some of the lyrics to honor Gritty, the mascot of the Philadelphia Flyers pro hockey team (the Ramoms are from Philly) and appropriately enough adjust the song's infamous "perhaps they'll die" lyric to "fall offsides." Even more amusing is the band's take on "Blitzkrieg Bop" which becomes "Boogie Not Snot." The girls play it straight to wrap up the record, turning in a fierce cover of "Rockaway Beach."

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