International Women's Day Edition

We have a very special release to tell you about on the occasion of International Women's Day; a compilation of songs created by women called A Woman's World: Songs of Resilience and Hope.

Comprised of a dozen songs from successful female singers and composers from all over the world, the collection features some of the hottest world music stars of today, like Ethiopian singer Minyeshu, who contributes the vibrant and hopeful "Yeselam Ayer," a song about the hope for world peace that is also geared to getting listeners to the dance floor.

A booklet included with CD copies gives a brief explanation as to what each song is about; sometimes though you can just feel it, like on the Afrika Mamas cut "Imbokodo," a beautiful a cappella rendering that projects strength (imbokodo means "rock," a fitting metaphor for the resilience of a woman.) It isn't necessary though to seek a message during every moment of listening; there is pure joy to be culled from this music.

"Eka" by Madagascan singer Hamitra stimulates a singalong with its irresistible chorus, Spanish musician Ana Alcaide includes an airy flute melody in "Kalbu Nganagu" that, combined with her bright vocals, fully conveys the song's meaning of having a happy heart, and Kiran Ahluwalia's jazzy percussive treat "Jaane Na" will have listeners either dancing or grooving along in their seats.

Some of the other artists representing here are Lenka Lichtenberg (Czech Republic), Maria Ana Borbone (Portugal), Ceumar (Brazil) and Folk Group Arinushka (Russia). This great set demonstrates that the concerns of women are the same the world over while also showcasing some of today's best world music performers.

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