Apache Rose - Tiny Love

Russians love American rock & roll. Even during the Soviet Union era, its citizens were secretly devouring music from back in the U.S. Apache Rose, however, doesn't sound like any old school American music, however. Instead, its single "Tiny Love" tips its hat to both Arctic Monkeys and the Black Keys. It's roots rock, with its roots down deep in an entirely different breeding ground than its actual homeland.

Apache Rose is described as music written and produced by Ilya Novokhatskiy, featuring a variety of different musicians. Novokhatskiy grew up in the United States, so he was able to develop his love of American rock (and also the British variety) in a more firsthand manner. This song, "Tiny Love" may be about a small amount of romance. It could also be an, um, commentary on one member's member physicality. The group, after all, describes this song as both self-deprecating and fun. So, there's that.

No matter what it's all about, "Tiny Love" is a blast of roots-y rock & roll, with its artistic heart in exactly the right place.

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