Chicago Farmer - Flyover Country

Singer and acoustic guitarist Cody Diekhoff is Chicago Farmer but Flyover Country is not the work of just one man; Diekhoff is joined here by the five-member Band of Heathens along with a couple of guest vocalists. With all songs except one (Hank Williams' "Ramblin' Man") self-penned, Diekhoff comes up with some real sparklers, including the Neil Young-ish "Mother Nature's Daughter" and the amusing hillbilly plaint that is "$13 Beers." You would likely never mistake Diekhoff's voice for that of John Fogerty but there is enough of a resemblance that there will be a familiarity here for some listeners and that quality adds to the album's considerable warmth; "Deer in the Sky" is a particularly good example of this. The seven-minute "The Village Revisited" closes the record; the rollicking cut pauses midway through for a detour into quasi gospel before moseying to a close extoling the joy of living adjacent to the Mississippi River in Louisiana.

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