Firefall - Comet

by Kevin Wierzbicki


It's been more than 20-years since Firefall released a new album and just hearing the band's name will likely have fans doing some reminiscing as they flash back to the band's '70s heyday, thinking perhaps of days of romance gone by while remembering hits like "You Are the Woman" and "Just Remember I Love You." And fans aren't the only ones reminiscing; the guys begin the album with "Way Back When," a remembrance of a youth that played out to a soundtrack by the Beatles and Rolling Stones, Aretha Franklin and the Rascals and many others who are name-checked in the song, including the Byrds, whose sound is honored in the catchy, country-tinged pop rocker. The Firefall lineup today includes original members Jock Bartley (guitar and vocals) and Mark Andes (bass) along with longtime member David Muse (sax, flute and keys) and with drummer Sandy Ficca and guitarist and vocalist Gary Jones, and the band had the stated goal of making sure that at least some of the album sounded like the Firefall of back in the day. To be sure one of those songs is the band's cover of the Spirit cut "Nature's Way," not a surprising choice if you consider that Andes was a member of Spirit. Here the song, an advisement to wake up to the planet's ecological ills, sticks close to the original arrangement and features guest singers Timothy B. Schmidt (the Eagles) and John McFee (the Doobie Brothers.) Another cover, the Tony Joe White-penned "Ghost Town," also reflects the original Firefall sound, and "Before I Met You" is also classic Firefall. Fans needn't fret too much about the overall sound here though as the satisfying 10-song set is filled with Firefall hallmarks: sublime pairing of acoustic and electric guitars, gentle lead vocals and great harmonies, and lots of hooks from the melodies and from the vocals. Welcome back guys; yes we have missed you.

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