PaMu Quiet Earphones

by Kevin Wierzbicki

PaMu professional audio gear from Padmate is one of our favorites and they have a brand new item out for us to tell you about, PaMu Quiet.

When listening to your favorite music it's really important to hear it with clarity, the way its creators meant for it to sound. PaMu Quiet, the new Bluetooth earphones from PaMu, deliver your music (or podcast, or what have you) with a fidelity that heightens listening pleasure. And the reason they're called PaMu Quiet is because of their noise canceling feature, enabled by the dual use of ams and Qualcomm technology (PaMu Quiet are the world's first earphones to do this.) PaMu Quiet is endorsed by lots of NBA players, like Brook and Robin Lopez, D.J. Augustin, Spencer Dinwiddie and Domantas Sabonis. They use PaMu Quiet to aid their concentration on the court (up to 40 decibels in noise reduction) then later to jam their tunes noise free.

The charging case for PaMu Quiet is shaped like a pocket watch, and even has a faux "winder" button that when depressed pops the charger case open to reveal the earbuds tucked inside. Another cool feature of the charging case is that it has an indicator light that illuminates around the circumference of the case so you'll know if the earbuds are charged or not. There's also a lanyard that attaches to the case so you can carry PaMu Quiet with you by hanging them around your neck. The earbuds have all the expected features as a quick touch will advance your music to the next or previous track, and if connected to your phone you can answer or reject incoming calls with a touch as well.

Padmate is offering a special price on PaMu Quiet right now. For more information and to see the deal go here

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