Psycle - Kill The Machine

by Morley Seaver

In an age where pop and rap are dominating the radio, it's great to hear an honest to gosh rock band bringing things back to normal. Psycle is a four-piece from Rhode Island that has been around for a few years now but the current lineup is just four years old. That's amazing considering how tight this band sounds.

Their debut EP Surfaces showed a band that had a bright future with some solid material in tow. They live up to that potential with their new record Kill the Machine. Vocalist/guitarist Seth Salois is one of the more primo singers in the game and usually he has the potential to raise average material to something better. However the songs on this record are so strong, when Salois puts throat to mike, he makes really good songs even greater.

Kill the Machine contains eight songs that all have heartbeat of a lead horse at the Kentucky Derby with the end in sight. They are well executed by the band which also includes lead guitarist Joe Nicolazzo, drummer Jay Spyne and bassist Mike Kaz. The production (courtesy of Chris Piquette) makes everything crystal clear and you can hear the contributions of all the members perfectly.

The record kicks off in a strong way via "King Without a Throne" with some major riffage going on. Salois can deliver a melody effortlessly but has enough gravel in his voice to supply plenty of muscle. My favorite track on the record is the title track. With an AC/DC framework, this winner will give your neck a workout good and proper. Salois sounds spectacular and Nicolazzo delivers a tasty solo while the rhythm twins hug onto the riff like the last beer in a dry county. Great verses and excellent chorus.

"The Outsider" slows the show down ever so slightly and rides on top of a riff that virtually swaggers. Very nice this one. While "Changing Tides" isn't a power ballad per se, it kind of fits in the category and is almost worth the price of purchase for this record alone. If rock radio (does that still exist for new music?) doesn't pick this one up for massive rotation, there is absolutely no justice in the world. Awesome track.

"Vultures at Play" is another down and nasty rocker but "Dying to Love" has that swagger again and the band sounds totally in sync, with each one noticeable in different parts of the song. I can imagine "Last Chance for the Saints" going down a storm whenever live shows are once again a reality with its crowd-pumping "Heys!" and Nicolazzo's driving riffs augmented by a drummer Spyne who plays like he's on the far edge of a Red Bull buzz.

The most interesting track is saved for last. "White Flag" begins cautiously and builds to a mid--tempo pace. The train changes tracks surprisingly halfway through and goes into a cool segment that switches things up nicely. Salois provides a couple of eye-widening moments with some remarkable vocals in this one.

Kill the Machine is a real step up the ladder from Psycle's first EP. Their songs are strong and memorable. The band is tight and very capable. But while those things are certain, one thing is overwhelmingly obvious, Seth Salois is one of the most impressive vocalists out there right now, Stardom awaits --- mark my words. Order your copy or preview the album here.

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