RSC - Shadow Lady

RSC cover art

You must love how RSC describes its music as "unapologetically old school rock/metal." If you love the old school stuff (and many of us still love those old songs), there is never any need to apologize. RSC describes itself as a St. Petersburg, Russia and Los Angeles, CA band. Obviously, there's a big difference between those two locales. However, from the sound of it, RSC likely grew up in Russia loving much of the metal music created on the iconic Sunset Strip.

Sergei Fedetov founded RSC, and these five tracks range from the hard-charging title cut, to the piano ballad "Moving On." Much like the act's musical heroes, this group knows how to switch gears, from rocking hard, to revealing a gentler side. Many times, when non-Americans create traditionally American rock music, it's obvious the music is internationally created. Not so here, though. If you didn't know better, you'd assume RSC was one of the many acts that made a name for themselves on the Sunset Strip.

This EP is the loud and proud sound of one Shadow Lady coming out from the shadows.

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