Road Trip Gear Part 1

Now that summer is here, road trip season has begun in earnest. We've got so many items that'll make your road trip adventure easier and more fun to tell you about that we've had to break the list in two! Let's get started!

Nabee Compression Socks
When it comes to compression socks, most travelers know that they should be worn on long flights to help keep legs and feet healthy and comfortable. But they can also be utilized on land-based road trips where a lengthy drive might be involved. Nabee Compression Socks are of medical quality, feature graduated compression and are made of super soft material that is comfortable to wear all day. And unlike most compression socks that are only available in beige or black, Nabee offers a range of exciting designs, like the stars-and-stripes of the Freedom version. Other fun patterns include Shamrock, Cotton Candy, Bubblegum, Bubbles, various stripes designs and 11 choices of solid colors. And since these were designed by nurses, there's even an EKG design! So you'll look totally cool while fighting leg swelling, spider and varicose veins and overall pain and soreness. https://nabeesocks.com/collections/compression-socks

Nabee compression socks

The U-Stand
Heading to the beach and wish there was a convenient way to utilize your beach umbrella? Now having shade anywhere is easy with the U-Stand. The U of course stands for umbrella, and you will need to have your own beach umbrella to pair with the U-Stand. The U-Stand is a sturdy portable base that, when filled with sand (about 90 lbs.) or water (about 60 lbs.) or ice and cold drinks (about 50 lbs.) will hold your umbrella in place while you relax beneath it. Very easy to set up, the U-Stand weighs only four pounds empty, comes with a carrying strap, and has four drink holders. When set up properly the U-Stand can withstand winds up to 40 MPH. Available in numerous colors. https://www.theustand.com/

U Stand

Hasty Baker Card Game
Whether your road trip finds you staying in an RV, a motel room or a rustic cabin, there'll come a time of day when you're ready to relax and reflect on the day's adventure while also keeping the fun going. If you've got half an hour or so you've got time to play Hasty Baker, a "deliciously fun" card game for two to six players. All about gathering the "ingredients" to "make" recipes like berry cheesecake, chocolate chip cookies, cream puffs, donuts or even a "create your own" recipe, players race to be the first to earn five points by drawing and discarding various cards. There's some sneakiness in play here too; there's a way that players can steal another player's ingredient, take two cards from another player or deem a particular ingredient spoiled and therefore unusable. And if you're lucky enough to draw the Hasty Baker card, you get two additional actions for that turn. Hint: The Hasty Baker Card Game will have you craving some dessert for real, so maybe take some cookie dough along with you, and make some cookies between rounds of the game. Family fun from GoChuckle. https://hastybaker.com/

Hasty Baker

Closca Bottle
By now everyone is all too aware of the problem that one-time use plastic water bottles cause. You can end your search for an eco-friendly reusable water bottle with the purchase of a Closca Bottle. Closca Bottles are made of borosilicate glass, a material that does not affect the taste of your water, with a wide and rounded mouth that improves the sensation of warmth on your lips. Besides the screw on top, a Closca Bottle also open at the bottom so you can give it a good cleaning. And to top it off, the bottle is extremely durable thanks to the thick silicone it is wrapped in, which also unwraps partially to facilitate the bottle's attachment to a suitcase, bag, hiking gear, bikes, etc. And for those who wish, there's an accompanying app that can direct you to 200,000 places around the world to refill your bottle, and earn reward points while doing so. Available in five colors. https://closca.com/pages/consciousness

Closca Bottle

FixnZip Zipper Repair
We've all had it happen; a zipper busts when it is least expected. That's frustrating enough when it happens at home, but it can really be inconvenient or even embarrassing when it happens out on the road. Now with FixnZip Zipper Repair there's a super easy fix for broken zippers that doesn't require any sewing or the use of any tools. Whether the zipper has gone out on a jacket or pair of pants, a duffel bag, sleeping bag, tent flap or suitcase, FixnZip will fix you right up. All you do is fit the FixnZip instant zipper repair replacement slider onto any tooth and coil, metal or plastic zipper. Available in different sizes and colors, these durable items can be taken off one zipper and reused on another, and are housed in small packages so you can stash them everywhere and be prepared for the day the inevitable zipper malfunction presents itself. These handy devices are carried in the tactical kit of every Marine Seal! https://www.fixnzip.com/


Tossits Car Garbage Bags
One thing that's pretty much a given when you take a road trip is that the car is going to get messy. Tossits car garbage bags can help you keep the fast food wrappers, empty potato chips bags and other detritus under control. Tossits come in sets of seven and the good looking bags are attached to a heavy duty cord that allows all seven to hang behind your car seat headrest. Then just fill it up! Bags are leak-proof and odor-proof (great for car sickness too) and you just tear the bag off when it's full, seal it with its adhesive strip and then throw it in the trash. Besides keeping your car tidy, Tossits also save you time since you won't need to pick up coffee cups and Snicker bar wrappers off the floor. https://www.tossits.com/


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