Robertas Semeniukas - Backstage Stories

Although no proof of it is needed, Robertas Semeniukas' Backstage Stories reveals how music (and rock & roll in particular) has become an international language. This is an album of mostly hard rock, mainly sung in Semeniukas' native Lithuanian tongue. Semeniukas is, at heart, a guitar-slinger, influenced by six-string greats, like Joe Satriani, Slash and Jeff Beck.

If your Lithuanian is a little rusty, you may not comprehend the backstage story Semeniukas is telling with "Nebilia lankoj." However, no language barrier can prevent you from appreciating Semeniukas' Jeff Beck-like fluid electric guitar soloing on it. And Semeniukas demonstrates his love and appreciation for the blues with "You Gotta Move," which he sings expressively in English - a track that also includes sweet harmonica.

Semeniukas' resume includes a seeming who's who in Lithuanian music, and is now collaborating with Veronika Povilioniene, said to be Lithuania's most famous folk singer. Yes, exploring this enjoyable album may expose your Lithuanian music ignorance. However, if you're willing to shed your lack of knowledge about the music from this country, Backstage Stories is a real fine place to start.

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