Sonic Fuel - I Will Rise

Sonic Fuel cover art

Sonic Fuel is an apt name for a rock band. Yes, it's sonic because it's sound. However, whenever it's done the right way, it burns - like fuel. This band is based in Knoxville, TN. Don't let that dissuade you, though, because this is not just another Music City country act. The group, which names Switchfoot and Lifehouse as influences, is a passionate, guitar-rock band, and "I Will Rise" is a good example of what the band does best.

The group's leader is David Hales, who acts as it's songwriter, guitarist and vocalist. "I Will Rise" is not just another song about self-confidence, although it is somewhat about that in part. Instead, its lyric is Hales' response to someone in his circle that committed suicide. He has said, "When someone you love decides to end their life abruptly and leave you behind, it is nothing short of devastating." Indeed!

Sonically, the song is built on a powerful electric guitar riff intro and plucked electric guitar notes during its verses. Hale sings expressively about how he's "still bleeding." His pain is palpable, but hopefully his story will inspire listeners to think twice before choosing to end it all.

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