The smallest Creature - Magic Beans

The smallest Creature - Magic Beans cover art

The smallest Creature's album title, Magic Beans, may make you think back to that childhood story, Jack and the Beanstalk. As you may recall, it's the story of a poor country boy who trades the family cow for a handful of magic beans. Once planted, these seeds grow into an extremely tall beanstalk, which he climbs up only to encounter a giant. It's not clear from this 11-song album if The smallest Creature was inspired by Jack and his gardening when creating this album, but it's nevertheless inventive and imaginative, just like that story of a boy and a giant.

While psychedelic sounds clearly inspired some of these songs, one can also hear a touch of fuzzy grunge running through "Glow." Then again, "Break Me" is gentle and strummy, almost like folk music. The group is from Lamaca, Cyprus, and has given us this lovely gift of an album. It may not produce a beanstalk and a giant, but it sure provides a bevy of wonderful guitar rock for your listening pleasure.

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