True/False Film Fest

It's once again time to have fun with films at the True/False Film Fest in Columbia, Missouri! Here's our 'preview reel.'

True/False Film Fest - March 5-8 - Columbia, MO
One of the nation's premiere documentary film festivals, the True/False Film Fest (T/F) will present more than 100 screenings (some films screen multiple times) at about a dozen venues around downtown Columbia, all generally within walking distance of one another. Some of the filmmakers attend T/F and some bring along the subjects of their films, making the festival a real treat for fans as these folks interact with festival-goers. That's possible because T/F is for the fans, it is not an event where filmmakers come to cut deals. That means everybody's relaxed and can just have fun talking about the movies.

Films selected for T/F always cover a wide variety of subjects, with some of this year's selections being "The Mole Agent," a film about how a widower spies on a nursing home in Chile seeking to root out elder abuse, "Nofinofy" about a Malagasy barber, who, like barbers do, listens to his clients' hopes and dreams, "Mayor" about the mayor of Ramallah, Palestine, dealing not only with the Israeli occupation but also more mundane concerns of the city like potholes, and "Lovemobil," about immigrant sex workers plying their trade from camper vans parked along country roads in Germany. There will also be showings of 'shorts' and Q&A sessions for some of them; uniquely these Q&A's are Quench and Answer parties where libations tying-in with the films are served. And a T/F favorite will be returning as the festival's funny game show Gimme Truth will screen a variety of shorts by local filmmakers while T/F celebrities (and the audience) guess whether each film's subject matter is true or made up.

Music is always a big part of T/F as buskers perform in screening venues before and between films and on the streets of downtown Columbia near the screening venues. There are also performances at numerous T/F parties and after parties as well as evening concerts. Some of the artists appearing this year will be jazz duo After Ours, Little Mazarn, Angel Bat Dawid, Black Bear Combo, Jay Wood, Karen Meat, Mesonjixx, Peter Collins, Saltbreaker, Xavier BLK, Thanya Iyer and a couple dozen others. Busker shows are free with tips being encouraged; many of the full concerts are free as well with some having a modest cover charge.

Art installations are also a big part of T/F; about 20 of them will be on display at or adjacent to where films are being shown. The fact that T/F takes place in many locations means that the event is also one big social mingler as folks chat about the films with those they meet on the street or in eateries and bars between showings. Whether festival-goers are locals or come from out of town, all are neighbors during this beloved annual event.

Various ticket packages are available for the True/False Film Fest and information is here.

Columbia, Missouri always has fun things going on and you can read all about it here.

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