antiReviews: Spineshank - The Height of Callousness

By Goth Brooks

Label: Roadrunner Records
Release Date: Oct 10th

1.  Asthmatic
2.  The Height of Callousness
3.  Synthetic 
4.  New Disease 
5.  (Can't Be) Fixed
6.  Cyanide 2600
7.  Play God
8.  Malnutrition
9.  Seamless
10.  Negative Space
11. Transparent

Calling the second release from SPINESHANK "The Height of Callousness" is an understatement when trying to get the point across about just how heavy this band is.  One thing that's guaranteed is that of all the record companies out there today, Roadrunner Records never fails to come up with the heaviest bands in the Nu-Metal genre.  It's inevitable that a lot of the bands in the Nu-Metal genre will lack originality and end up sounding the same.  While the bands that have "made it" rule from their thrones, the rest are left fighting for recognition while doomed to sound the same as the other guys.  With SPINESHANK and their newest release "The Height of Callousness" we have a prime example of the type of exceptional band and exceptional work that comes down the pike only every so often.

To be exact, everything about "The Height of Callousness" is what I like.  This band has gone through a phenomenal maturation process in the time between their debut 1998 release "Strictly Diesel" and the present.  "The Height of Callousness" maintains the basic foundation and overall heaviness provided by down tuned, melodic guitars, and industrial overtones set by the band on their debut release.  The band has raised the stakes with the off the chart intensity of "The Height of Callousness".  It's definitely a worthy successor to their debut release.  Production comes courtesy of GGGarth Richardson, famed producer for Rage Against the Machine, and all girl metal band Kittie.  GGGarth sat down with the band for three days straight before even attempting to get started recording and really got into their heads in order to find out exactly what they wanted.  He told the band "Tell me what you want and I'll bring it out of you'.  And that's exactly what he did.  He saw the bands vision and helped them to achieve that", says guitarist Mike Sarkisayan. 

From the atmospheric, crunching guitars of "Asthmatic" to the full on meatgrinder assault of the title track, SPINESHANK have landed at the top of their genre and way beyond The Height of Callousness.

The Band
Johnny Santos � Vocals
Soren "Mike" Sarkisayan - Guitar
Rob Garcia � Bass and Vocals
Tommy Decker � Drums and Electronics

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