CHAMEL3ON - The Mandala Effect

by Kevin Wierzbicki

The Mandala Effect represents the first album from this Denver-based hard rock outfit. Looking to a post nu metal sound for inspiration, the effort begins with the album's first single "Color Me Strange" which features a maelstrom of woozy guitar circling vocals both screamed and sung melodically, all from group main man Lorenzo Vidali. The album's title cut leans to prog metal, just as heavy as "Color Me Strange" but lighter on the bombast while "Monday Rivals" further demonstrates the band's versatility as it adds a funky, popping rhythm to the mix and once again seamlessly fuses heaviness and melody. "Sharpen the Knife" is jazzy before the buzz saw guitar kicks in; the song overall reminds of Rage Against the Machine. Vidali busts out the acoustic guitar for the intro to closing cut "Sinking Sand," a song that shows a whole different side of the group. A sublime rocker rather than heavy thunder, "Sinking Sand" shows Vidali's proficiency at writing in more than one genre. This shouldn't surprise listeners; after all the band is called CHAMEL3ON so changes can be expected. This impressive trio is rounded out by bass man Bryan Raynor Jr. and drummer Alex Murrell.

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