Reggae Party: Kash'd Out

by Kevin Wierzbicki

Spinning at the reggae party this time out is the new release from Florida's Kash'd Out. It features acoustic reworkings of many Kash'd Out fan favorites.

Kash'd Out - Casual Encounters

Orlando reggae outfit returns with a solid set that follows-up their hit debut The Hookup and their 2019 effort Undercover. Fans of those two albums will recognize everything here as about half the songs come from Undercover and the other half come from The Hookup, but here they are performed with stripped down arrangements. Undercover cut "Paralyzed," for example, relies on acoustic guitar to get the melody going but eventually the rest of the instruments kick in and the song retains the energy of the original, minus the original's dub leanings. Fans won't notice much difference in the new version of "Good at Gettin' By" where the main change is that the scratching has been dropped. And so it goes throughout; other "casual encounters" with their own music included here are new versions of Undercover cuts "Gimme Love," "Blind," and "Forever Now" while The Hookup is represented with "Always Vibin'," "Fireproof," "New Love," "The Dream," "No Time for You" and "Yes, I." And it's not really a situation where fans have to choose one version or the other as their favorite; these cuts all complement their predecessors very nicely. Many of these grooves will likely be in the Kash'd Out's live set as they return to touring later this year and then fans will be able to hear yet a third version of the songs. In the meantime it's nice to have these fresh re-dos all in one place.


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