Reggae Party: Reggae Angels

by Kevin Wierzbicki

We're feeling irie at the reggae party with the new release from Reggae Angels with special guests Sly & Robbie.

Reggae Angels - Remember Our Creator

This is the 15th album from the San Francisco-based Reggae Angels and the third consecutive release to feature the renowned rhythm section of Sly & Robbie. The group plays "roots reggae" which is the kind of reggae that Bob Marley played, and their lyrics are generally filled with spiritual and uplifting messages. Singers Peter "Fenton" Wardle and Ellenore "Brady" Walters have mellow voices that reflect the peaceful words they sing, making Remember Our Creator a sublime listen. A typically bouncy reggae beat powers the self-explanatory "Positive Way" while the equally danceable "Gratitude" is enhanced with bright saxophone parts while "Look to the Good" is particularly Marley-esque. "Remember Our Creator" grooves in a manner that recalls English reggae band UB40 and the album closes with the advisement to do good works in the sprightly "Strive." And here's a real bonus for dub fans: all 12 of the album's cuts are presented in dub versions on a bonus disc that of course allow Sly & Robbie to stretch out. There's nothing too trippy involved on these instrumental versions but psychedelic flavorings are many.


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