Roses & Revolutions - Midnight Monsters

by Kevin Wierzbicki

Like a lot of recently-released music, Roses & Revolutions (singer Alyssa Coco and guitarist Matt Merritt) recorded this six-song EP during lockdown, and also late at night which inspired the title Midnight Monsters.

"Feeling Like Myself" is an understated electropop number that reflects the emotions most of us felt during quarantine as we searched for normalcy and Coco's background vocals, a sort of wail, echo the sense of helplessness that lockdown brought about. With Merritt playing acoustic guitar that reminds of Neil Young, Coco's vocals are sedate and sublime on "I Remember Dancing," a reminiscence of the better parts of a love relationship that's long gone.

While much of the EP is on the sad side, closing cut "End of the World" is ironically and surprisingly the most upbeat cut on the record. Coco's vocals, regardless of the mood, are easy to get comfy with and lots of fans will find it easy to sing along to all the subtle hooks within.

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