This time out we tell you about a new social media network where travelers can connect with each other and share their photographs and videos.

Does an ad-free social media platform for travel lovers sound good? Then the just-launched Travevel is something you should check out. Travevel allows users to connect with other travelers while showing off favorite travel photos and videos. Here's how it works.

After signing up for a Travevel account, users will be able to interact in ways that are familiar to those who use big social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Each posting can feature one photo or video along with a brief description including where the photo/video was taken. Fellow Travevel users can be tagged. Then when someone views your post, they can "like" the post, make a comment and share it if they'd like. There's a messaging feature so users can get to know each other or just ask for tips about visiting the destination that is featured in your post.

Here's where Travevel really stands out; every user has a page with their own interactive world map, and every time a post is made a pin corresponding to the featured destination appears on the user's map (provided that the user has marked the post as public.) Then there's a similar interactive map that shows the posts of all users, so if you want to see all posts for a particular destination you just click on the corresponding pin. All public posts can also be accessed through a list view so site users can quickly scan and see where other users have been.

It's easy to set up a Travevel account; get started here.

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