Boca de Oro Festival

The 6th annual Boca de Oro festival celebrating literary, visual and performing arts and culture is once again set to take place in Santa Ana, California.

Boca de Oro Festival - March 5, 2022 - Santa Ana, CA

The theme for this year's Boca de Oro Festival is "Together We Rise," a wonderful notion any time but especially these days when communities are beginning to triumph over the forced inactivity caused by the pandemic. Boca de Oro will honor the spirit of healing, recovery, rebirth and reconnection that's going on in and around the Orange County city of Santa Ana by showcasing the work of poets, authors, musicians, dancers and artists, many from the local area.

Among those set to appear are local authors Greta Boris and Marytza Rubio; Boris is a bestselling author who sets her psychological suspense thrillers in Orange County while Rubio, author of "Maria Maria & Other Stories" will also serve as the festival's keynote speaker. Other authors who'll be at the event include the Huntington Beach-based Namrata Poddar who will debut her new novel "Border Less," and coming to Boca de Oro for the first time, Victor Villasenor, writer of many national bestsellers as well as bilingual children's books and screenplays like "Ballad of Gregorio Cortez."

Others who'll share their artistic visions include Andrea Salcedo, a flamenco guitarist from Jalisco, Mexico, and mixed-media artist and painter Lezley Saar, whose artwork deals with themes of identity, race, gender, beauty, normalcy and sanity. Local Latina journalist Julie Leopo will host a Q&A session with Jim Suero who is the son of the late Latino photographer Orlando Suero who chronicled the lives of stars during the "golden age" of Hollywood.

Boca de Oro translates to English as "mouth of gold" and indeed the insights of the festival's speakers and performers will be of untold value. Admission to the festival is free. For more information visit the Boca de Oro Festival Facebook page here.

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