DOGO du Togo

DOGO du Togo is the stage name of Massama Dogo, a native of Togo who has lived in the United States for some time where he fronted the Afropop outfit Elikeh. Now, seeking to reconnect with his roots, DOGO has moved back to Togo and recorded new music that he hopes will resonate with young Africans. One young African in particular is the subject of the sublime acoustic guitar groove "Zonva;" DOGO wrote the song of love for his son, and beyond that the cut is a plea to all to take good care of children. "Africa" is a beautiful cut featuring DOGO's delicate guitar playing and an enchanting percussion track, both of which belie the fact that the song is about the continent's unhealthy state. An element of funk creeps into "Adze Adze" as does a bit of psychedelia; the cut is an advisement to youth to stand up for themselves and their country, to take positive actions and not wait to be led by Western trends and dictates, and "Obligation" has a similar message. DOGO sings everything in dialect so the listener will need to consult liner notes to get an idea of what the lyrics mean. A Continental feel mixes with African rhythms on "Nye Dzi," no real surprise since Togo (as Togoland) was a French colony for some 45 years. "Flower" blooms with enhancement from a sort of scat singing; it is the one song here where an effect is used. DOGO has a very soothing voice and his guitar playing is chill while his use of Togolese rhythm and melody alternately makes the listener want to dance or just groove quietly.

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