Late Summer 2022!

We check out new books about popular European destinations and other goodies including the Puffer Hug!

"Magical Venice: The Hedonist's Guide," "Stunning Iceland: The Hedonist's Guide"

Magical Venice

The series of Hedonist's Guides from Harper Design are, as the publisher says, "Designed to help the traveler uniquely discover countries firsthand." Very heavily illustrated, the books are a delight to peruse whether you've been to the location, are planning a visit to the location or simply wish to dream from the comfort of an armchair. Put together by journalist Lucie Tournebize and photographer Guillaume Dutreix, "Magical Venice" is broken into eight sections, each featuring knowledgeable commentary about the particular area, with a little history thrown in, accompanied by lots of photographs, many of which merit taking up a whole page. For example, the chapter titled "The Lagoon" features a profile of famed designer Philippe Stark who is a longtime resident on the island of Burano, a segment on glassmakers House of Venini in Murano, and a segment on Sant'Erasmo, known as Venice's vegetable garden, where wine making has been revived. There's even an article about understanding Venice's delicate ecosystem, so much in the news these days. "Stunning Iceland," the work of Bertrand Jouanne, an Iceland adventures expert, and photographer Gunnar Freyr, is structured similarly. Stunning is an apt descriptor as the pair take the reader to the island's West, South, North and Highlands, also delving into the beautiful Westfjords and Eastfjords areas, and of course dedicating a chapter to capital city Reykjavik. Everything from bathing in springs to fishing to wildlife to wildflowers is covered. Both books are hard covers running to about 250 pages. Titles can be ordered here.

Mark T. Wendell Loose Leaf Tea

Mark T. Wendell Loose Leaf Tea

You've got a perfect hotel room in an exotic location with a balcony view that's to die for. The weather's gorgeous, the company is sublime and the conversation is stimulating. What's missing? A cup of fine tea! True, most hotels have tea bags in their rooms but it is always ordinary stuff. For a real treat take some tea from the Mark T. Wendell Tea Company with you. Experts in providing estate grown specialty loose leaf teas, Mark T. Wendell Tea Company has been thrilling tea enthusiasts for over 100 years. Packaged in attractive four ounce tins that you'll want to keep when the tea is gone, Mark T. Wendell Tea Company tea is available in nine varieties including English Breakfast Tea, Young Hyson Green Tea, Spiced Masala Chai Tea, Russian Caravan Tea, Downy Pearl Jasmine Tea and Formosa Oolong Tea. To make it easy for you to work with loose leaf tea the company also sells Finum brand extra slim tea filters and a stainless steel clip to hold a filter snugly while it works its magic in hot water. Should loose leaf tea just not be your thing, Mark T. Wendell Tea Company also sells an incredible array of tea that's already packaged from all the world's tea-growing hot spots. And for real connoisseurs they also have the Grace Rare Tea line which offers taste treats like China Yunnan Silver Tip Choice, Gunpowder Pearl Pinhead Green, Rooibos South African Redbush and more than 30 others. Place an order here and start looking forward to your next delicious cuppa.

OLITA Mineral Sunscreen

Olita Sunscreen

For travelers who like to spend time out in nature, nothing can spoil a vacation like getting sunburned, especially if you get burned badly. That and a general need to keep your skin healthy is why you should always apply sunscreen before an outdoor adventure. And if you're going to use sunscreen, you might as well use a good one! The folks at OLITA understand this because they love to play in the sun too. OLITA uses all natural, organic ingredients in their products that not only protect skin, but also protect the environment. So you can go diving knowing that all OLITA Sunscreens are reef safe (and a portion of proceeds are donated to Coral Reef Alliance.) The company offers a full line of stay-safe-in-the-sun products: Organic Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF 30, Tinted Organic Mineral Lotion SPF 30 and Baby Organic Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50 which all come in TSA-approved three ounce tubes. The Mineral Sunscreen and the Baby Sunscreen are also available in "sunstick" form, both at SPF 30. OLITA also offers after sun hydrating serum in spritzer bottles and sand remover solution, both of which are available in various scents. SPF 15 Lip Balm comes in various flavors including coconut and pomegranate and there are various bundle options. Order your OLITA sun protection products here.

Puffer Hug

Puffer Hug

Aww, somebody needs a hug. Actually everybody needs a hug, a Puffer Hug that is! The Puffer Hug is a soft, snuggly and stylish wrap for men and women (and kids) that can be worn as a scarf or folded over to drape down your chest. Yep, it feels like you're getting a nice warm hug! And besides the fact that you'll be looking good, you'll also be able to keep your necessities close at hand because the Puffer Hug has deep outer pockets. The Puffer Hug is lightweight so it is perfect for travel; take it to the beach for after the sun goes down, use it on that hike through the woods and by the campfire, anytime and anyplace where you'll need a boost of warmth. The comfort comes from soft fleece inside with the attractive "puffer" outside. These stylish accessories are reasonably-priced too so you can get one for every member of the family. Available in black, red & grey and grey & yellow. The company will also add a monogram to your Puffer Hug for an extra fee. Order your Puffer Hug here.

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