More Father's Day Gift Ideas

by Kevin Wierzbicki

If you're still at a loss for what to get dad for Father's Day (June 19), may we suggest one or more of the following gift ideas? These cool items are sure to bring a smile to his face.

Jacq & Joe's Coffee

Jacq & Joe's Coffee

If dad is a coffee aficionado or if he just appreciates a darn good cup of java he'll be over the moon with a gift from Jacq & Joe's Coffee. A woman-owned, Black-owned company founded by Maryland resident and veteran Teresa Meade, Jacq & Joe's Coffee was created during the pandemic as Meade sought a way to overcome her feelings of being "stuck" by the depressing situation. Deciding to focus on coffee, Meade slowly but surely built Jacq & Joe's Coffee into a strong online business where fans of premium blends could purchase varieties with enticing name like Cinnabun, African Espresso, Cowboy Blend, Bali Blue, Pumpkin Spice, Ethiopia Natural, Mexican Chocolate, Caramel and Gourmet Donut Shop. Jacq & Joe's sources their coffee beans primarily from Kenya, Tanzania and Ethiopia but some of their many varieties feature beans from Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Papua New Guinea, Honduras, Nicaragua and Peru. All are available as whole bean or ground and there are options to purchase the tasty drink in single-serve capsules. And just like you honor family when you gift Jacq & Joe's to your father, Meade honors hers with the company's name, derived from her mother's middle name (Jacquline) and her grandpa's first name, Joe. Meade plans on opening a brick & mortar location in her home stomping grounds when the time is right; for now Jacq & Joe's can only be purchased online here.

Whip-it! Flex Torch

Whip-it Flex Torch

If dad likes to tie on an apron and whip up something special in the kitchen now and then he'll be delighted with the gift of a Flex Torch from Whip-it! The butane powered, professional-grade torch has tons of culinary uses and dad can probably think of a few right off the top of his head. But just to encourage creative experimentation, Whip-it! has included a small recipe book with each torch. Dad can use the Whip-it! Flex Torch to add a special touch to a chile chipotle cocktail by lighting the top of the rum drink on fire, and peach bruschetta will go over big when dad uses his torch to melt turbinado sugar atop the peach slices. The Whip-it! Flex Torch is perfect for searing salmon sashimi slices for salmon mango tacos and of course there are the more obvious goodies like s'mores pie and flaming cherry crepes. The Whip-it! Flex Torch takes its name from the fact that the nozzle can be adjusted to point its jet flame three different ways which comes in handy for some of the tool's non-culinary uses, like lighting campfires and grills, doing jewelry repair work and automotive and mechanical repair work. The torch flame can be adjusted too so dad will always have just the right amount of heat for the job at hand. Available in many different colors, the Whip-it! Flex Torch comes with a carrying case and the company can sell you premium butane fuel as well. Order here.

Texas Roadhouse Butcher Shop

Texas Roadhouse Butcher Shop

If dad likes to cook steak, whether he does it in the oven or outdoors on a grill, no doubt he's proud of his prowess at getting the meat just how he and his family and guests like it. And while he may be protective of just exactly how he preps the steaks and his cooking procedure, one thing is for sure; he likes to start with cuts of meat that are the best available. He'll never be let down when the meat comes from the Texas Roadhouse Butcher Shop. Yup, the same folks who operate the beloved Texas Roadhouse restaurants now offer home delivery of high quality steaks and you'd be hard-pressed to find a better cut. We are personally enamored with the tender and flavorful Filets of American beef; you can order them in the 6 ounce size but they are so good that you'll want to get the bigger 8 ounce cut. Other hand-trimmed steaks available from Texas Roadhouse Butcher Shop include New York Strips (12 and 16 ounce), Ribeyes (10, 12 and 16 ounce), Bone-in Ribeyes (20 ounce) and 3 ounce Filet Medallions. And for dad's favorite recipe that calls for pieces of delicious beef, Filet Tips are available in 2-pound packages. But why get dad just one cut? Texas Roadhouse Butcher Shop has numerous "bundles" available that combine more than one cut, and there's also a subscription program where shipments will come to dad on a recurring basis, on a schedule chosen by the purchaser. Steaks arrive frozen and packed in dry ice and no doubt dad's mouth will start watering as soon as he opens the box. Orders can be placed here.

Little Nook Wine Nook

Little Nook

Here's a cute and fun way for dad to serve his favorite wine or cocktail. The Little Nook is an attractive wooden container that holds a 3-liter bag of box wine; all dad has to do is remove the bag from the wine box, slide open the Little Nook's front panel and install the bag and then the beverage will be ready to serve. If dad would rather serve bottled wine from his Little Nook the dispenser comes with one bag that he can decant several bottles of wine into, or fill it with the premixed cocktail of his choice (not recommended for carbonated drinks.) Then, with Little Nook, the party is completely portable. Because of the handle mounted on top of the Little Nook, dad can easily move beverage from the poker game to the TV room, from the man cave to the beach, from the barbecue to, well, anywhere! You might be wondering, in situations where there are a lot of guests, how do folks know what drink is inside? That's easy too; there's a place on the front of the Little Nook that's there just for that reason where dad can use the included piece of chalk to mark the dispenser with the type of wine or something kooky like "dad's mystical passion potion." We told you it was fun! The Little Nook comes in five colors and can also be custom-inscribed with dad's name. A tree is planted for every Little Nook sold. Order Little Nook here.

Seven Potions Facial Care

Seven Potions

The company doesn't claim this but Seven Potions shaving and facial care products are, in line with their name, almost magic! Start dad off with a tube of Face Wash; this simply-named product gently cleanses face and stubble and has an invigorating natural fragrance. Recommended for daily use and especially before shaving, Face Wash is free of parabens, sulfates and silicones, PEGs, colorants and synthetic fragrances. The vegan friendly and cruelty free Face Wash also comes in a tube that is made from sugarcane! Dad will keep looking young when he tops off the Face Wash with a twice-a-day application of Seven Potions Anti-Ageing Face Moisturizer. Then for dad's shaving needs, Seven Potions offers Pre-Shave Oil Pure Equilibrium, an oil that will prepare and hydrate his skin while softening his beard, allowing for a smooth and comfortable shave. Then, instead of using an aerosol shaving foam, Seven Potions offers tubes of Shave Cream which also promotes healthier skin through its naturally-derived ingredients. Then dad can finish his shave regimen with Seven Potions Post Shave Balm that's formulated to calm irritation and to help the skin retain moisture. Wow! Looking good dad! Order Seven Potions products here.

Buddha Board

Buddha Board

Does dad have a real talent when it comes to art like painting and drawing? Whether he leans toward fine art or drawing comics or even just fancy doodling he'll love a gift of a Buddha Board. Buddha Board has a unique surface that can be "painted" on by using only clean water applied with the supplied paint brush. So dad can create without using any paint, ink, or chemical of any kind. As the water slowly evaporates the art will disappear, in from one to 10 minutes depending on how much water is applied. This is why the device is called Buddha Board. Buddhists practice Zen and the art of living in the moment and Buddha Board offers a chance to "master the art of letting go." Everything dad needs to use Buddha Board comes with it except for the water (and the inspiration!) There's a tray to hold water that also has notches to set the board up vertically or horizontally, and the tray has a place to rest the paint brush when not in use. And that's it! Just make sure the Buddha Board doesn't come in contact with anything other than the water on the paint brush --- no skin, oils, hairspray, crayon, pencils or the like. Then you're good to go for a long time. Also available is the Buddha Board Mini, a smaller version that is about the size of a CD case, and the intermediary size Enso, which like the Mini opens up to form its own easel stand. Dad's Buddha Board, Buddha Board Mini or Enso is waiting here.

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