More Great Gifts For 2022

Check out our list of suggested holiday gift items! We're pretty sure that someone on your list would love to have one or more of these goodies, and we begin our list with something just for folks who are always mixing things up!

Brandless Pro-Blender

Brandless Pro Blender

The folks at Brandless are all about personal health and they sell supplements like Multi-Collagen Peptide Powder for joint support and to rejuvenate hair, skin and nails and Enhanced Electrolyte Hydration Mix that's packed with zinc, magnesium and potassium. So they really understand how important it is to be able to use these and other blends properly when you're adding them to a healthful smoothie. Enter the Brandless Pro-Blender! Like the description says, the Brandless Pro-Blender is a pro model that'll whip up your smoothie or other beverage in no time. The blender has a 2 HP motor to ensure quick and thorough blending of all the ingredients you put into its big 64-ounce (BPA-free) Tritan carafe, big enough to make smoothies for several folks all at once. And of course you can use the Brandless Pro-Blender for all the other things you make with a blender like milk shakes, margaritas, hummus, soup and almond butter to name a few. And everything is controlled with just an on/off switch, a switch to toggle from pulse to soup, and a dial to adjust the blender's speed. The device is so sophisticated that it will automatically run slowly at first when detecting solid foods and then speed up as appropriate. Included is a "tamper," a wand to press solid ingredients into the blender's six stainless steel blades as needed. It all makes it easy to experiment, and the carafe is easy to wash as well. Brandless Pro-Blender is very handsome and will look great in your kitchen! Order yours here.

Vaan & Co. Leather Duffel Bag

Vaan & Co

The folks at Vaan & Co. had a terrific idea when they decided to make a line of bags, clutches and backpacks out of leather remnants. The sustainable process of upcycling the remnants is good for the planet and it is good for the end user too as everything in the line looks so good that each piece competes with designer labels that make similar (non-upcycled) products but charge much more for them. One of Vaan & Co.'s most popular upcycled leather bags is the Hardy Duffel Bag, an absolutely gorgeous bag that at 20 X 11 X 7 inches and has plenty of room for your travel essentials while still being compact enough to work as a carry-on bag (different designs available.) It features two pockets inside, one with a snap closure and the other with a zipper while also featuring two external pockets, one zippered and then a saddle bag-style pocket that closes with a magnetic snap and a small belt. The super-soft yet extremely durable duffel has sturdy carry handles as well as a shoulder strap. See all of Vaan & Co.'s upcycled leather bags or for those who prefer a denim look they have an entire line of upcycled denim bags too; order yours here.

MagnaReady Apparel


Do you have someone on your list who struggles with buttons? Many folks do, whether due to a permanent condition or a temporary one like rehabbing from an accident or sports injury. Apparel from MagnaReady takes the challenge out of dealing with buttons as all items in their line utilize magnetic closures instead of buttons. The buttons are still there, they just don't function for closures, so a MagnaReady "button up" shirt looks just like any other. Well actually, they look better than a lot of others. MagnaReady makes a full line of men's tops, long sleeves and short, in attractive plaid patterns as well as blue chambray, gingham poplin, micro herringbone and more. There are hoodies and jackets with magnetic closures instead of zippers, and a full line of shorts and bottoms as well. MagnaReady's women's line includes wrap dresses, jackets, "plackets," cardigans, night gowns, V-neck blouses, curved-hem tanks and many other designs. Not only does MagnaReady apparel make getting dressed so much easier, it also makes a fashion statement! See the entire MagnaReady line here.

GoSun Brew Portable Coffee Maker

GoSun Brew

If you have a coffee drinker on your list you'll be their new best friend forever when you gift them a GoSun Brew Portable Coffee Maker meant for use in the car. A self-contained device, the GoSun Brew is the same size as a refillable water bottle and holds 16 ounces of java that the user will sip right out of the attractive stainless steel container. Here's how it works: Just pour the amount of water you prefer into the GoSun Brew (a "fill line" on the outside of the device is at approximately 14 ounces.) Secure the lid and make sure that the sealing flap, that you'll drink out of later, is open for venting. Using the included cord, plug the GoSun Brew into a DC power outlet in your car, boat or RV. When the green LED light comes on the Brew is ready for you to add the desired amount of coffee (or tea), and after about four minutes you can press the French press plunger down to separate the coffee or tea from the water. That's it! Drink the coffee right out of the Brew or pour it into another container. So the user will have a convenient way to make fresh coffee on the way to work or to do errands or what have you, eliminating the need to stop at the coffee shop. Order the GoSun Brew here.

Slumberfy Cooling Mattress Protector


Yes, there's a mattress protector that will actually help to keep your bed cool! Slumberfy's Premium Cooling Mattress Protector uses ArcticTex cooling technology that's engineered for optimal temperature regulation. It deflects body heat and increases fabric breathability and ventilation to create a cooling effect that leads to the perfect sleeping environment. In addition to this unique feature, Slumberfy's Premium Cooling Mattress Protector is hypoallergenic and keeps out dirt, dust and harmful allergens as well as those nasty dust mites and bed bugs. The mattress protector is waterproof too, ensuring that liquids will never get to your mattress. And don't worry, you won't hear any noise or crinkling sounds coming from your mattress protector. Just about everybody on your gift list can use one, and there's a size for every bed: Twin, twin XL, full, queen, king and California king. And there's really no risk to the purchaser or gift giver; try it for 30-days risk free. Order Slumberfy's Premium Cooling Mattress Protector here.

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