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Still need a gift or two for your holiday celebrations? Here are a few ideas for you, including something that everyone can use --- an incredible device to help ease aches and pains.

DNA Vibe Jazz Band Live

DNA Vibe Jazz Band Live

It has a cool name and it does a very cool thing: reduce stiffness and inflammation in order to offer relief from aches and pains. Using no chemicals, drugs or invasive procedures, DNA Vibe Jazz Band Live is an intelligent device that uses light therapy. Recommended by professional athletes and trainers, DNA Vibe Jazz Band Live is easy to use. First, use the included charger to give the Vibe a full charge. The Vibe will flex so it can conform to problem areas like the neck, knees and elbows and can be used with or without one of its elastic straps (two different length straps are included.) Then use the in-line switch to select the mode you want the Vibe to operate in: red and near-infrared light (default setting) or red, near-infrared and micro-vibration or red, near-infrared, micro vibration and magnetic or finally red, near-infrared and magnetic. DNA Vibe Jazz Band Live will automatically shut off after one hour but you can easily set up back-to-back sessions. Order a gift of DNA Vibe Jazz Band Live here.

Marbela Cosmetics

Marbela Jimgle Bells Soap

Marbela makes fine, small batch, handcrafted cosmetics like soaps, body scrubs and shower fizzies and they have seasonal soaps that'll have your gift recipient remembering your generosity for weeks after the holiday. Just get them a bar of Jingle Bells, Holiday Harvest, Peppermint Holiday Limited Edition or, our favorite, Egg Nog soap! Marbela's Coffee and Sugar Body Scrub is vegan-friendly and cruelty-free; it's a large grain scrub that uses a special blend of coffee grounds and sugar (with a little sweet almond oil and cocoa butter) for a deep clean and excellent exfoliation. Then there's Marbela's products for the bath, like the above mentioned shower fizzies and full-blown bath bombs that come in scents like pumpkin (limited edition), baby blues (notes of violets), lemon, Georgia peach and many others. The bombs are five ounces while the shower fizzies come in jars of 12 and in numerous scents, including the Spooky Fever variety which has notes of woods, apple, leaves and "all things fall." Marbela also offers whipped soap, cream deodorant, lip balm, face oil, shampoo and conditioner, hair oil and beard oil. It's like having your own mini spa! Check out the entire Marbela line and place your order here.

Redemption Road Coffee

Redemption Road Coffee

Undoubtedly you have lots of people on your list who are not only coffee drinkers but who also appreciate a really fine brew. Redemption Road Coffee was named after Redemption Road Ministries, where Aaron Harsch first started dabbling in roasting coffee beans and selling them to benefit the ministry. Eventually Harsch and his wife Jessica expanded on that idea and now communities around the world benefit from the fact that Redemption Road Coffee utilizes beans purchased from farmers that are paid a living wage. These folks in turn offer free education and health care to their workers or do things like build wells, roads, schools and playgrounds, or get involved in conservation work. So your purchase is really doing a lot of good, besides putting high-quality coffee in your cup! Redemption Road Coffee sources beans from Malawi, Guatemala, Brazil (notes of toffee, chocolate and nutty) Honduras (a delicious chocolate, nutty, brown sugar taste) Panama, India, Colombia, Peru, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania and Sumatra. The beans are roasted in Colorado and Redemption Road Coffee offers both whole bean and ground varieties; some varieties are also available in pods. Order Redemption Road Coffee here.

TNT Pro Series Fire Starter Hot Cream

TNT Pro Series TNT Fire Starter Hot Cream

Is there a fitness buff or body builder on your list? Well, as the folks at TNT Pro Series say, "Here's the edge you've been looking for!" Here's what TNT Pro Series Fire Starter Hot Cream does. It is a sweat cream meant to be applied to the belly (or other target area) prior to a workout, with the idea that it will improve circulation and sweating in areas of stubborn weight, making it easier to get ripped. All you need to do to feel the heat is apply generously and don't rub it in. TNT Pro Series Fire Starter Hot Cream is available in a cool citrus mint scent (4 oz. jar) or a tropical scent in a 6.5 oz. jar and can be used in conjunction with the TNT Pro Series Waist Trimmer or Arm & Thigh Simmers. Other TNT Pro Series products include Post Workout Muscle Recovery roll on, multiple varieties of Sweat Stick including one with hemp, and several other creams also including one with hemp. We agree, TNT Pro Series thermogenic creams, colorless and paraben free, truly do offer the edge many are looking for! Order TNT Pro Series products here.

Blithe Cosmetic

Blithe Pressed Serum

Here's a great gift for anyone who follows a skin care regimen. Blithe Cosmetic offers a full line of skin care items including cleansers, primers, toner, serums, creams and items for sun care and overnight care. Two of Blithe Cosmetic's most popular lines are their Pressed Serums and their Vital Treatment toners. The Pressed Serum line features Tundra Chaga, an anti-aging serum that provides nutrition and firming to the skin, Gold Apricot niacinamide serum for radiance and brightening, Crystal Iceplant cooling serum for calming and hydrating and Shea Butter serum with Velvet Yam for instant and enriched hydrating. On the Blithe website there is detailed information on how to use the Pressed Serums with their other products including the Vital Treatment Toners. That line features four Essence Toners, one with 6 Calming Leaves while others have 5 Energy Roots, 8 Nourishing Beans and 9 Essential Seeds. With just these two products most will be able to forgo the use of other toners, eye creams, moisturizers and the like. See the full line of Blithe Cosmetic's high quality skin care items, including gift bundles, and place your order here.

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