"Schemers" (Gravitas Ventures)

"Schemers" is a fast-paced and fun film about how a young man builds a concert promotion business after an injury to his leg causes him to realize that he'll never be a professional football (soccer) player. Set in Dundee, Scotland in the 1980s, the film follows Davie, played by Connor Berry, as he comes up with wild schemes to find the money to put on concerts. Borrowing money seems to be the logical answer, the only trouble is that Davie and his two buddies decide to get the funds from local thugs who also control all the venues where the shows could be held. Needless to say as the guys put on shows by the likes of XTC, Lene Lovich, the Skids, the Specials, Madness and the Vapours (Davie passes on "new band" U2) things sometimes go sideways and payment of debts are not timely, earning threats and beat downs from the thugs. Also on his mind throughout the film is a love interest played by Tara Lee, a nurse that Davie first met when he was in hospital with his busted leg. Despite the occasional drama the film is basically a comedy and gets especially comedic towards the end when Davie and his buddies try to put on a show by Iron Maiden. Not only does the metal band require a much bigger financial investment but Davie is surprised to have to deal with things that he never has before, like a band rider that calls for catering, booze, and a crew to help set up the band's equipment. Davie cooks up more schemes in an attempt to overcome these things; we'll leave it for the viewer to find out what happens with the show and ultimately, with the girl. None of the above mentioned bands appear in the film. The Scottish accents might be a bit much for some viewers; anyone having trouble with that can switch on the subtitles feature. Written and directed by David McLean, the real life Davie, who survived all the scheming to go on to be the longtime manager of English band Placebo.


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