Spoiler NYC - Banned in 38 States

Spoiler NYC - Banned in 38 States

Spoiler NYC is led by Alan Robert, who is also the co-founder of Life of Agony, and its fast and noisy album (Banned in 38 States) is one wonderful burst of aggressive punk rock. He's said how he "grew up on punk rock when it was dangerous" and creates a "feeling that chaos can break out at any given moment." And with these 14 speedy rockers, Spoiler NYC does just that.

One track titled "High Friends" exemplifies Spoiler NYC's catchy sound and attitude. "I've got high friends in low places," Robert sings, transforming and rewording the chorus to a famous Garth Brooks country song. Robert sings this (and everything on the album) with a gutter-y, gravelly voice, over buzzsaw electric guitars. It adds up to a surefire sonic blend.

Banned in 38 States is an album that is an appropriate alternative to polished pop-punk. John Lydon once sang how anger is an energy, and Spoiler NYC takes Lydon's words and puts them directly into practice. Play this joyful blast loud and long.


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