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Our stocking stuffer suggestions for this holiday season includes something that'll be a big hit with fans of the Beatles!

Yellow Submarine Collectible Coin

Yellow Submarine Collectible Coins

"We all live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine..." Gift recipients and those around them are bound to break out in song, singing the goofy Beatles hit "Yellow Submarine" when the coolest gift is unwrapped, a Yellow Submarine Collectible Coin from The Crown Mint. A great item for Beatles fans and numismatists alike, Yellow Submarine Collectible Coins are shaped like the cartoon sub from the Beatles movie and come in different varieties. Coins come in pure 24K gold or pure .999 silver in a one ounce size; there's also a 12-gram version of the gold coin and a 10-gram version of the silver coin. All coins are legal tender (with face values in English pounds) produced in conjunction with Apple Corps. Ltd. and each coin comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. The Crown Mint will eventually expand the Yellow Submarine Collectible Coin series with sets featuring the Blue Meanies and the Beatles themselves. Order Yellow Submarine Collectible Coins here.


Songnario Card Game

This game takes its name from the notion that there's "a song for every scenario," hence Songnario. A game for three or more players (suggested age 14 and up), Songnario is not a name-that-tune type of game; it's a sing-that-tune type of game! Other than the items that come with the game players will need access to a digital music library (or the internet) and if this is hooked up to external speakers it will enhance the game. Here's how it works: There are Subject cards (About Hope, Being Broke, Body Parts, etc.) and Scenario cards ("Your family is the subject of the next big reality show. What is the theme song" and a very wide variety of other scenarios.) Scenario and Subject cards are combined into one deck and shuffled. The judge, selected by the players (this position will rotate) draws a card from the deck, reads it out loud and then rolls a 12-sided die. The number the die lands on will designate the genre of the song players are looking for (Pop, R&B, Country, Hip-hop/Rap, etc.) Each round is timed, and the judge will start the sand hourglass timer after the die is rolled. The players or teams of players then find a suitable song in the digital library and each has a turn singing or acting out the song while it plays. The judge will determine who was the best and that player or team will win the card. It all makes for endless and hilarious fun. There's a tutorial on how to play on the Songnario website. Check it out and order you game here.



Here's a device that travelers will especially love, particularly those that travel on airplanes a lot. Many folks fall asleep easily on flights and that can create a problem; where is your head going to flop when you nod off? SleeperStik can help by giving your chin a secure place to rest and thereby keeping your head from moving around. And SleeperStik is easy to use! Just position the plastic anti-slip base on your lap, insert the telescoping rod into the base and then adjust the rod to the proper length so that its foam chin support cushion sets comfortably against your chin. That's all there is to it! You'll lock the rod in place so it won't move (except to give a little during turbulence) and then your head will stay in place and you won't experience the "head bob" that can constantly wake you up. Use of SleeperStik can also reduce drooling and snoring. And the device fits nicely into a small included bag that's easily carried on to the plane. Order your SleeperStik here.

BYB Cocktail Mixers

BYB Cocktail Mixers

Let's face it, the holiday season is prime time when it comes to overindulging, especially when it comes to drinks with alcohol in them. Tasty help comes in the form of BYB Cocktail Mixers, powdered cocktail mixers that hydrate and replenish what alcohol takes out of your body. Packed with vitamins and electrolytes, "Balance Your Buzz" Cocktail Mixers are vegan and keto-friendly, gluten free and low carb and low calorie. BYB Cocktail Mixers will help you head off hangovers at the pass so that you can wake up the next morning refreshed and ready for a productive day. When you're ready to drink, just mix one packet of BYB with six to eight ounces of water and two ounces of vodka or whiskey, add ice and drink up. Available in apple cider, mixed berry, passion fruit, lemon-lime and coconut blood orange flavors, BYB Cocktail Mixers can also be used in your favorite mocktail. BYB Cocktail Mixers are doctor formulated and sold in 20-packs that are available here.

The Origin of Names

"The Origin of Names, Words and Everything in Between, Volume II" by Patrick Foote

As you can surmise by this book's title it is a perfect gift for trivia fans, those who are just word-curious, and, uh, know-it-alls. As the book's jacket blurb indicates, "The Origin of Names compels you to learn a ton of things you didn't know you wanted to know." That it does, and you'll have lots of fun doing so. Author Foote injects humor into his explanations, like in the section on bands where he reveals that The Pogues were originally called Pogue Mahone until the BBC asked them to change their name since pogue mahone is Gaelic for "kiss my ass." Paramore, Run the Jewels, Blink -182 and Destiny's Child are other groups whose names are explained. Foote makes the mundane interesting, as in his exploration of the origin of the word milk, and makes the exotic a little more down to earth by explaining the origins of plant names like the Dragon Blood Tree, Sneezewort and Mother-in-Law's Tongue. And if you don't know what Tawantinsuyu refers to you will by the time you finish the Historic Places chapter. In the First Names chapter, Jessica, Muhammad, Calvin and Lakeisha are among those explained; Patrick (author's first name) is not. Order your copy directly from Mango Publishing here.

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