Take Me Tailgating! Try These Items for Your Outdoor Party

by Kevin Wierzbicki

Today we spotlight some items that are perfect for your tailgating party or other outdoor adventure. We start with something super cool and end with something flaming hot!

GoSun Chillest Portable Solar Cooler

GOSUN Chillest

You'll be the envy of the tailgate party or other outdoor event when you roll out GoSun's Chillest, an awesome portable cooler that doesn't need ice and that can run on solar energy. The Chillest is a souped-up version of a cooler that functions as a refrigerator and/or a freezer. Use the included AC adaptor or DC car adaptor to charge the Chillest's internal battery (or use a power bank or solar panels, both sold separately) and then set to your desired temperature and enjoy about 40 hours of continuous chilling before you need to recharge. The Chillest has two compartments that you can set to different temperatures, so you can keep your beverages ice cold while keeping food items frozen if you desire since the available low temperature is below zero. And since you won't be using ice there will be plenty of room for all the comestibles you want to have with you. Each compartment has a wire basket that can be lifted out to sort through its contents and then it is easily returned to its space. The Chillest is made to endure rugged conditions and has a telescoping handle and heavy duty wheels meant to help you navigate rougher conditions like a gravel parking lot or a bumpy trail and has an attached pouch to tote the charging cords. There are two lights inside the Chillest that'll come in handy for nighttime use. Additional goodies include a built-in bottle opener, a small stow-away cutting board you can use to slice cheese or fruit or slice a sandwich in half; there's even a way that you can attach, for example, a fishing rod to the Chillest. Two bungee cords are included for tie-down purposes too. Just take our advice though: keep your GoSun Chillest full of beverages so you can treat all the lookie-loos who'll want to check out the coolest cooler ever! Order yours here.

Slrrrp Shots

Slrrrp Shots

Almost everyone will have soft and adult beverages at the tailgate party, but how many people are going to have gelatin shots? Just you! Slrrrp Shots are for adults only since these gelatin treats contain 13% alcohol (or 8% alcohol for "minis".) Each Slrrrp Shots gelatin shot is packaged in a 50ml container (or 35ml for "minis") and come in cute little barrels holding 20 (or 12 "minis") complete with a carrying handle. And there are lots of varieties to choose from. The O.G. pack features shots made with premium vodka and flavored with plant-derived ingredients in five varieties: Watermelon Wriggler, Peach Bottom, Mango Unchained and Strawberry Slammer. The Mash Up collection, also made with vodka, contains five fun flavors too: Grape Houdini, Pineapple Pandemonium, Orange-Vanilla Thrilla, Strawberry-Banana Hammock and White Cherry XOXO. The America Pack vodka Slrrrp Shots are of course red, white & blue with Blue Raspberry Smash, Strawberry Slammer and White Cherry XOXO flavors. And for those who prefer whiskey in their gelatin shots Slrrrp Shots makes 50ml Cinnamon Whiskey shots that'll add a little heat to any party, made with 15% premium whiskey. All Slrrrp Shots are vegetarian friendly. Order or find a retail outlet near you here.

Skyline Bags from Anne Cate

Anne Cate Skyline bag

Sure tailgate parties are casual but that doesn't mean you can't look fashionable, right ladies? A sure way to turn heads is to carry a Skyline bag from Anne Cate; they're a great way to look stylish while proclaiming your fondness for your favorite city. As the name indicates, Skyline bags depict the skyline of the downtown area of more than 100 cities, including for tailgating time all cities with an NFL team. And Skyline bags come in lots of sizes so you can have one for every type of event if you want. There are mini purses and mini wallets, wristlet clutch and crossbody styles and totes with or without zippers. To show support for your favorite team there are Game Day wristlets which not only show the skyline of your favorite city but also your team's colors. Makeup bags and throw pillows, also great for your outdoor event, are available too. Beyond Skyline bags Anne Cate also makes wine totes, multi-use mini bags, dopp kit and large dopp kit bags and belt bags, all of which are incredibly hip. Skyline bags for some international cities are available too, including always popular Paris, Sydney, Hong Kong and Zurich as well as for really exotic places like the North Pole and Ulaanbaator, Mongolia. Depending on which bag you choose materials used may be polyester canvas or vegan leather vinyl. Items can be customized too, and to top it all off, this woman-owned company makes all their accessories in the USA. See all Anne Cate designs and place your order here.

riemot Outdoor Shoes

riemot outdoor footwear

You've probably been in a situation before where you found out too late that the shoes you were wearing were not right for the activity you had planned. You'll always be properly prepared when you're equipped with footwear from riemot because they are specially made for outdoor activities. There can be a lot of walking involved when you're tailgating and it can be on rough and uneven surfaces like a gravel parking lot. Perfect then are riemot's Waterproof Hiking Shoes which are lightweight running shoes that are as rugged as hiking shoes yet as comfortable as trainers so your feet will love them during strenuous or casual activities. Available in sizes for men and women, the Waterproof Hiking Shoes feature breathable suede uppers, shock absorbing Phylon midsoles, micro suede insoles and durable rubber outsoles designed to give maximum traction and slip-resistant stability on wet and dry ground. Speaking of wet ground, it's right there in the name, riemot's Waterproof Hiking Shoes will resist rain, puddle splashes and accidents with spilled cooler water or (gasp!) a dropped beverage. The full line of riemot footwear made for the outdoors includes winter snow boots, slip-on winter snow boots, boots for camping and fully waterproof high rise hiking shoes. (Psst! riemot has a soft side too; they also make cuddly warm furry slippers!) Check out and order the full line of riemot shoes, boots, sandals and slippers here.

Pull Start Fire

Pull Start Fire

If you're tailgating in cold weather in a place where a fire pit is available, Pull Start Fire fire starters are a must. Pull Start Fire fire starters take the agony out of getting a fire started, whether you're tailgating, camping or doing something else where a crackling fire adds to the fun. Amazingly simple to use, Pull Start Fire doesn't require any matches; as the name indicates all you have to do to get it going is give the attached string a quick and hard pull after you've stacked logs over and around it. Pull Start Fire fire starters are small (they weight a mere four ounces) but they do a big job; once ignited they shoot flames in all directions and won't be blown out even in high winds. They burn for about 30 minutes, are rainproof and will ignite logs that have gotten wet. Never again will you have to fuss over getting a campfire started! Sold in packs of 3, 6, 9, 12 or 30, Pull Start Fire is available at places like Dick's Sporting Goods, KOA, Camping World and Canadian Tire or you can order directly from the company here.

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