The Color of Cyan - Agape

The Color of Cyan - Agape

When you think of instrumental rock music, you probably mentally picture Dick Dale or The Ventures (or others) performing surf music. The Color of Cyan creates instrumental music with its album Agape, but it's difficult to imagine surfing to any of it. For instance, the gentle beauty of "Little Stars," is meant more for sitting and contemplating quietly, rather than moving to it. Perhaps you visualize sun and sand while walking along a beach, rather than surfing its waves.

This act from Chicago, IL, names acts like Sigur-Ros as inspirations/influences. Many of these tracks are over six minutes long, while two are more than eight minutes in length. These are not mere pop songs, without singing and lyrics. No, these are compositions, with beginning, middle and end parts. All are driven by Eduardo Cintron's guitar playing, which is more chordal than propelled by individual notes. Some tracks, like "Sun in Leo," are positively majestic.

Utilizing instruments usually applied to rock music is still a bit on the rare side. However, especially if you enjoy creative electric guitar sounds, The Color of Cyan's Agape album is nearly guaranteed to bring you much pleasure.


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