This is GWAR

One of the most interesting music documentaries to come along in a long time, "This is GWAR" is fast-moving and informative and as visually stimulating as an actual GWAR show. After the show opens with troubleshooting going on with the gear that dispenses the "body fluid" that GWAR are so notorious for spraying all over their audiences, the documentary gets started in earnest by chronicling the band's beginnings out of the Richmond, Virginia arts scene. At the time (the now deceased) GWAR front man Dave Brockie had the idea for a band while artist Hunter Jackson was making monster costumes for a film he wanted to make, "Scumdogs of the Universe." With the two projects merging GWAR officially came into being and as the costumes got more elaborate the music got better, especially after the band decided that heavy metal was the best format for their show. Director Scott Barber does a phenomenal job of documenting the band's story, no mean feat since the band has had dozens of member and such an intense history. He does so by stitching together tons of clips, both live and behind the scenes plus lots of interviews of various band member as well as famous fans like "Weird" Al Yancovic. Fans will see how the body fluids spraying evolved, how it works and the various troubles, including legal issues that the effect got the band into. Each album is delved into and it is enlightening to meet the band members without their costumes and realize that they're all very talented and well-spoken artists and certainly not the monsters they've portrayed. The interview pieces reveal lots of emotions, especially when the subject is the death of founder and GWAR brainchild Dave Brockie who played Oderus Urungus on stage. Brockie died in 2014 and GWAR has featured no founding members since then. A real treat for fans, "This is GWAR" has so much material that viewers can watch It lots of times and notice something new every time. Bonus materials are also available. Previously only available on streaming service Shudder, "This is GWAR" is now available on DVD and Blu-ray.

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