Adam Masterson - Time Bomb

by Kevin Wierzbicki

Adam Masterson - Time Bomb

You might expect something wilder from Masterson's "Bring Back the Freaks" but the cut is not bombastic; in fact it's performed to a subdued melody with orchestration and a bit of sideshow piano. The freaks in question include folks like Aleister Crowley, David Bowie, Leonard Cohen and the film "A Clockwork Orange" with Masterson's character in the song stuck in a boring rut, and to top it off he's not feeling any of the so-called art of the day. Masterson is adept at making a point quietly; title cut "Time Bomb" is sublime piano-driven pop about a love relationship; she's a ticking time bomb and he's got a stick of dynamite in his heart and together they're bound to go "boom" one way or the other. On "Take a Little Love" Masterson steps away from understatement in favor of a rocking radio-ready groove with a distinctly southern feeling, complete with slide guitar riffs and soulful backing vocals. Masterson has a bit of a rasp in his singing voice and some folks will here singers like John Mellencamp in his work and "Run Away" is stylistically similar to Mellencamp. "The Kiss" has a gently psychedelic music bed; combined with Masterson's enchanting vocals the cut is mesmerizing. "Wild Wolves" is the album's all-out rocker, appropriate for a cut about the uncertainties of seeking the fun side of life and love. "Rusty Cans and Dusty Alleys" has the feeling of a Johnny Cash train song and for sure fans won't want to miss the ride Masterson is offering here.


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