Bloodsucking Zombies from Outer Space - 2 Decades of Decay

by Kevin Wierzbicki

 2 Decades of Decay

Not yet hip to this delightfully-named Austrian shock rock outfit? Here's your chance to catch up as this set compiles the best of the band's English language material from the past 20-years. Good ghoulish fun ensues when the band launch into the Motorhead-fast "Eaters of the Dead," a pounding, punk-tinged rockabilly burner before handing out tasty punk rock candy on "Halloween" and making their intentions quite clear on "I Wanna Hear You Scream" which listeners will be hard pressed not to sing along to. "Reign of Devils" begins with a spooky synth intro and a bit of schoolboy vocals, a prelude to the story of the end of humanity, set to a psychobilly beat. And what could be a better howling good time than "Werewolf in the Girl's Dormitory"? Perhaps ditties like "Bucket of Blood," "Blood on Satan's Claw" or "Nice Day for an Exorcism." "Monster Mutant Boogie" is bound to be a favorite and, stepping away from the horror for a minute is the amusingly-titled good advice to other bands that is "Stop Writing Songs about Your Girlfriend." Terrifying to think we are just now getting to know these guys.

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