Brigitte Eve

Brigitte Eve

When Gene Simmons announced that Rock was dead a few years ago, apparently he had not yet heard Brigitte Eve. The teenager from Canada has been playing guitar since the age of 10 and is determined to forge a career in the music biz. With a sound that brings to mind a hybrid of Avril Lavigne and Joan Jett, Brigitte is currently working on her debut EP, which will show off her songwriting and vocal skills as well as guitar.

I connected with Brigitte recently to talk about her music and here's what she had to say:

antiMusic: First and foremost, to introduce you to those of us who are new to your music, give us a bit of a history lesson on Brigitte Eve and how you got started in music.

Brigitte: Hey everyone I am, Brigitte Eve from Barrie, Ontario, Canada. From a very young age I wanted a guitar and on my 10th birthday I finally got one. My first guitar was a Yamaha mini acoustic, which I have hanging on my wall in my practice studio. I started guitar lessons right away and a year later I got my first electric guitar.

Currently I have a Hummingbird Electric/Acoustic and a Godin Custom Session 59 Turquoise which is my fav colour. I started singing when I was 13 and writing my own music in 2020 during the pandemic.

antiMusic: Your live videos show that you're proficient on guitar. Do you have a passion for it or is it merely a tool to bring your songs to life?

Brigitte: Of course, my first passion will always be playing guitar. I love playing and learning new riffs daily. Some of the songs that I first taught myself to learn on electric guitar were; Metallica's "Enter Sandman", Heart's "Barracuda" and Black Sabbath's "Paranoid" and "Iron Man". I continue to focus on being a better lead guitarist and have a unique ability of learning guitar riffs on the spot.

antiMusic: A lot of people would prefer the comfort of playing in a band to begin their career. Putting yourself out there solo requires a lot of self-confidence. Have you considered playing in a band or are you intent on establishing yourself as a solo performer?

Brigitte: In 2023 I plan to release an EP, with 4 new songs which I have written both lyrics and music for along with my drummer/keyboardist The Troublemaker. We plan to play as many gigs and events, big and small, as we can in 2023 across Canada and USA.

antiMusic: "Dirty Looks" is a catchy song. Sounds like you found a way to deal with adversity in your life. Tell us about writing about it.

Brigitte: This song was inspired by people who would constantly give me dirty looks when I would talk about my guitar and music career. Middle school and high school was not easy on me when trying to fit in. I just wanted to be accepted for being me and now I am fine and have lots of confidence. I will keep doing what I do best which is preforming in front of a live audience.

antiMusic: "You" is a tender song that talks about friendship. Your YouTube page says that it was written during the pandemic. What led you to write this one?
Having only 1 or 2 friends at school made me appreciate the small things and moments that make me smile. Not to be cliche, but living, loving, laughing and enjoy the stuff we did together.

antiMusic: Your latest single "Gonna Be OK" finds you worried about a friend. What prompted this song?

Brigitte: During the pandemic I had more than one friend who tried to harm themselves. Depressed, sad and lonely is what most teenagers felt during the lockdown. I had to express my feelings and wrote a song to help my friends and others come through the other side. You are never alone and you should always reach out and find someone to talk to. Life is beautiful when we stop and look around.

antiMusic: You've done several videos so far. How comfortable are you performing your song to a camera instead of an audience?

Brigitte: I dedicated most of my time to practicing and performing in front of the camera during the pandemic. Trying to keep fans engaged and create a bigger social following. My preference is to perform in front of live audiences. I love the energy of a crowd and appreciate my fans.

antiMusic: It sounds like you've been performing for several years now. What's been the high point of your career so far?

Brigitte: Thus far having a TV interview in New York City at Video City TV, what a blast! Seeing the big city for the first time was an amazing experience. I cannot wait to go back. Also performing at "Gussapolooza Music Festival", the biggest Indie Festival, was truly amazing. It drew in a large crowd; this was also the first time I performed live with a drummer for a 45-minute set. I did not want it to end.

antiMusic: If we were to go through your phone, what three artists would we find as your most-played selections?

Brigitte: I like listening to all styles of music. I love a good song, meaning, sound and lyrics, so here is my playlist choices: Cavetown, Vanessa Paradis, Beach Bunnies, Rex Orange County, Green Day, Beatles, My Chemical Romance. Weezer, Joan Jett, Pink.

antiMusic: Most artists look to those who came before to listen to and also learn from. Who might you want to pattern your career after?

Brigitte: I would love to have success like Joan Jett or Avril Lavigne. This would be a dream come true. To reach the level of fans and stadiums they have performed at. Their style of music and clothing captures the real Rockstar vibe I feel best represents me.

antiMusic: Anything else you would care to tell us that we didn't ask?

Brigitte: I really want to complete my EP by END of February early March, as well as getting another music video under my belt with a new original song. The ultimate goal is to be on stage as much as I can in 2023-24, so going on tour is my big plan.

Morley and antiMusic thank Brigitte for taking the time to do this interview.

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