Father's Day Gift Guide

by Kevin Wierzbicki

Father's Day falls on Sunday, June 18, 2023 and of course this is an appropriate day to honor dad in every way, including with a gift. Forget about getting him another tie; we've got some ideas for you here that he'll surely love.

SideTrak Desktop Monitor

SideTrak Desktop Monitor

Whether dad spends a lot of time at his computer or just a little, he'll greatly appreciate his gift of a SideTrak Desktop Monitor. He can use the 23.8-inch, 1080p HD LED monitor as a standalone monitor, a large secondary laptop screen or a seamless dual desktop monitor. Easily put together, the SideTrak Desktop Monitor's base attaches in just a couple of minutes and the device itself is ready to go when you connect it with either an HDMI cord or the included VGA cord. Thanks to the monitor's Eye-Saving Mode with blue light protection dad can view the screen for work, game playing or movie watching as long as he likes without experiencing unnecessary eye strain or fatigue. The SideTrak Desktop Monitor is stylish too; it has a sleek, edgeless design that effectively eliminates the display's bezel on three sides, allowing for the creation of an immersive and expansive dual monitor experience. We found that indeed, the SideTrak Desktop Monitor has a very crisp picture with a viewing area greater than a larger monitor we'd been using. Order dad's SideTrak Desktop Monitor here.

"Pink Floyd and the Dark Side of the Moon: 50 Years"

Pink Floyd

If dad is a fan of progressive rock music chances are that one of his favorite bands of all time is Pink Floyd. There's also a really good chance that one of his favorite Pink Floyd albums is Dark Side of the Moon, the band's classic 1973 release that really launched the band into the stratosphere. This book by rock maven Martin Popoff focuses on the Dark Side of the Moon era but it also puts the era in context with a chapter on Pink Floyd prior to 1973. Then as to the album itself, chapters focus on the recording sessions for the title, the art and packaging of the record (which is instantly recognizable by millions of fans worldwide), insights about each song (a chapter for each "side"), the tour behind the album and a chapter about the extensive awards that the band garnered for the title. Then to finish up there's a post-Dark Side chapter and a tour date archive. As is the case with all of Popoff's books, the commentary in "Pink Floyd and the Dark Side of the Moon: 50 Years" is thoroughly researched and creatively delivered. Of course there are tons of graphics: rare photos and depictions of ticket stubs, posters and other ephemera. From the Quarto Group's Motorbooks imprint, "Pink Floyd and the Dark Side of the Moon: 50 Years" is a 10" X 10" hardcover with 176 pages that is housed in an attractive heavy cardboard slip case. Order dad's copy directly from the publisher here..

Bloomi SmarTea Cuppa

Bloomi SmarTea Cuppa

If dad likes to relax with a cup of tea now and then here's a very cool way for him to enjoy a good brew in a flash with Bloomi SmarTea Cuppa. Bloomi SmarTea Cuppa is for those times when you just want one cup of tea to go, and Bloomi makes it quick and easy to prepare. The tea is prepackaged in 9.5 ounce cups where the organic loose leaf tea sits at the bottom of the cup under a plant fiber filter which seals the tea leaves in without using any adhesive. You add 1/4 cup of hot water to the cup, swirl the cup gently and then top up with more hot water. Pop on the provided lid and you're good to go! The cuppa supports multiple refills too so dad can get more than one use out of each cup. Packaged in boxes holding 10 cups, Bloomi SmarTea Cuppa is available in Green Rose Matcha for balance, Black Osmanthus Orange for detox, Black Jasmine Chrysanthemum for immunity and Green Butterfly Pea Flower for clarity. These delicious, convenient and healthy teas are sourced from Hubei province in China, widely regarded as the homeland of the world's finest tea. Order dad's Bloomi SmarTea Cuppa here.

Cuts Clothing


We absolutely love Cuts Clothing! Not so long ago we recommended Cuts items in our Mother's Day Gift Guide; now it's dad's turn! Cuts makes a large selection of cool and handsome items for men that includes shirts, t-shirts, joggers, hoodies, shorts, pullovers, jackets and more. In other words, there's something for every dad. New additions to the line include the AO Elongated Tee, a buttery soft crew neck that's perfect for taller gentlemen and that comes in a variety of newly-added colors including Stone, Elm and Tuscan. Other tees, polos and long sleeve Henley Curve Hems also have had new colors introduced for the summer season. New in the Cuts bottoms line are Coz Shorts in 7-inch and 9-inch versions, Concorde slim-fit joggers, AO slim-fit pants in Slate, Black or Canyon and attractive Hyperloop Sweatpants (and shorts) in a brilliant Infinity Blue. The Cuts Clothing line is so desirable that you'll no doubt find that you want to get a few different things for dad, so why not go ahead and get him a nice bundle? Cuts Clothing has specially-curated Father's Day Gift Kits for the golf fanatic, polo wearer and vacation enthusiast. The Polo Gift Kit, for example, contains two classy and classic Prestige Polos crafted from Pima cotton with style in mind. See the entire Cuts Clothing line and order here.

Tinto Amorio Natural Wine

Tinto Amorio wine

If dad is a wine drinker he'll be thrilled with a gift of Tinto Amorio Natural Wine. Tinto Amorio Natural Wine, also known as minimal intervention or raw wines, are delicious living reflections of the land in which their grapes grow. Tinto Amorio's sustainable farming method uses only grapes grown using organic or biodynamic farming methodologies, and then they let the grapes undergo spontaneous fermentation using their own wild and native yeast with no lab-grown stuff involved. Finally the winery uses only limited sulfur to protect the wine during bottling; no animal products, flavorings or synthetic ingredients are used and there's no pasteurization. Natural, and naturally good! We admit we are especially fond of Tinto Amorio's Jajaja Glou Glou varietal; it's a Zinfandel with notes of pomegranate, rhubarb and raspberry that pairs nicely with pizza so encourage dad to pop a bottle the next time he has deep dish. Then there's Bheeyo, a 24-day skin-contact wine that's a blend of Gewurztraminer and Zinfandel that Tinto Amorio says is "fermented with feverish intentions" for the free spirited. Also available is Monje Orange Wine, mostly Gewurztraminer, a seven-day skin contact orange with "a little disco for your palette." Can you tell that these folks like to have fun? Tinto Amorio is located in Healdsburg, California and these are strictly California wines. Another cool thing about some of their wines is that the bottles come with a colorful but mostly unadorned label so if you're artistically inclined you can customize the bottle to bring dad an extra smile. You can order directly from the winery here.

GuruNanda Rechargeable Portable Water Flosser

GuruNanda water flosser

Dad always told you to take care of your teeth, didn't he? Help him do the same with GuruNanda's Rechargeable Portable Water Flosser, where their motto is, amusingly, "Floss the teeth you want to keep." Good idea, and it's very easy to do with this portable water flosser. Use GuruNanda's advanced water stream flossing system for just one minute a day to help remove plaque, bacteria along the gum line and to promote healthy gums. The compact flosser has six flossing modes, a built-in 300 ml water reservoir and comes with four flossing tips: two of the standard jet tip, one periodontal jet tip and one periodontal pocket tip. The GuruNanda Rechargeable Portable Water Flosser comes with a USB cord to charge it up and it only takes about four hours to be fully charged. That'll keep it running for up to 21 days all the while dispensing high-pressure water pulses 1400-1800 times a minute. The water reservoir seals tightly to the flosser and is leak proof so, besides keeping it in the bathroom at home, dad can travel with it without worry of leakage. Order dad's GuruNanda Rechargeable Portable Water Flosser here.

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