Get Out - The Violation Of Terms And Conditions

Get Out - The Violation Of Terms And Conditions

It's a little disorienting when the first truly pretty song on a punk-inspired release is titled "Bitchface." However, that's exactly what happens during the playing of The Violation of Terms and Conditions by Get Out. It's an album with truly punkish rock songs, and even features a picture of a police officer dressed in riot gear on its cover. Thus, these 17 songs are oftentimes as musical as they are punk.

This group is old (at least in punk years), having formed in the mid '90s at Eagle Rock High School in the Los Angeles area. They've shared bills with Streetlight Manifesto, Voodoo Glowskulls and Suburban Legends, so they've established their punk rock credentials well.

You get the impression, too, these musicians are somewhat obsessed with Florida and its twisted cultural reputation. Four of these songs include the word 'Florida' in their titles, in fact. The music for these songs is many times fast and feature rocking electric guitar. However, the singing is smoother than you might expect and includes more vocal harmonies than do typical punk songs. This factor alone separates Get Out from a large swath of the punk rock world.

The album's title was inspired by difficulties the band experienced while trying to distribute the act's 2019 album, We Were Here First, in 2019. Apple Music told them their album art for the release "violated the terms and conditions," hence this new album's title. One of these songs, in fact, references that experience and is titled "Rotten Apple."

Nevertheless, there isn't one 'rotten apple' in this delightful bunch of songs.


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