More Stocking Stuffers

Still need stocking stuffer ideas? We've got some suggestions for you, including something special for the runner on your list and anyone with a green thumb!

FlipBelt Zipper Edition Running Belt


Here's a great accessory for athletes and especially the runner on your list. FlipBelt Zipper Edition Running Belt fits snugly around the user's waist while securing all the things that need to come along on the jog in two pouch areas, one of which is zippered. So there'll be no more filling of pockets or juggling things like a water bottle, phone (including the extra big ones), wallet and what have you; there's even a special little pouch with a built in (soft) hook to secure a set of keys. FlipBelt Zipper Edition Running Belt is constructed of a polyester/lycra mix that holds everything secure; there'll be no bouncing or shifting of the items you put in it. And there's no need to worry about getting sweaty; FlipBelt is moisture wicking and can be thrown into the washing machine as needed. Available in sizes from XXS through XXL, there's a FlipBelt to fit everyone. FlipBelt comes in a host of colors to coordinate with any workout or running outfit and is available in black, carbon, hot pink, aqua, white, acrylic summer, ocean bloom, midnight blue, reflective black, reflective yellow and yes, even periwinkle! Have someone on your list who travels a lot? FlipBelt Zipper Edition Running Belt is the perfect size to hold a Passport and other travel necessities and is easily removed so that it can be inspected by TSA screeners. The FlipBelt Zipper Edition Running Belt and other FlipBelt varieties can be ordered here.

Mode CBD Dream Team Bundle

Mode CBD

The power of CBD, cannabidiol, is pretty well-known these days. It's good for relieving pain, calming the mind, and in the case of Mode's CBD Dream Team Bundle, making it easier to get a relaxing night's sleep. The Dream Team bundle consists of one 30ml (one ounce) bottle of Mode Nano CBD Isolate Spectrum (the purest form of CBD) tincture and a pouch of 30 Sleep Soundly gummies. In addition to reducing sleeping disorders the tincture is good for reducing stress and anxiety, chronic pain and depression, so it can be used a couple of times a day. For bedtime, take a dose by using the included eyedropper to put tincture under your tongue or put it in water, tea, or a favorite beverage. It won't affect the way your drink tastes since it has no flavor. To complete your dream time regimen, chew one of the Sleep Soundly gummies; they have a tasty mixed berries flavor. We have tested these products and determined that they work for us; it is an enormous gift to be able to wake up refreshed after a good night's sleep! Mode also makes CBD oil, CBD Energy Gummies and CBD Roll On for pain relief. All Mode products use only premium hemp extracts, are lab tested to ensure safety and potency and are free of pesticides, herbicides, solvents and chemical fertilizers. To order a Dream Team Bundle and see all the other products that Mode has go here.

Lunatec Hydration Spray Bottle


Founded by folks who are adventure-loving outdoors enthusiasts, this company's name is a nod to the moon, a visit to which would certainly be the ultimate adventure. Lunatec sounds a bit like "lunatic," another word that nods to the moon, and anyone using the Lunatec Hydration Spray Bottle will certainly go nuts over it! Regular reusable water bottles will turn green with envy over the Lunatec Hydration Spray Bottle which combines the functionality of a kitchen faucet, garden hose and water bottle, designed so the user can use mist, stream and shower modes for cooling, cleansing and drinking. All of this is amazingly simple to do; fill the Lunatec Hydration Spray Bottle with water, use the attached pump to pressurize the water, then rotate the nozzle cap to the spray setting you desire. There are two operating modes that are determined by how you position the draw tube inside the bottle. Set it to "stealth" mode for drinking, misting and conserving pressure or to "pulse" mode for cleaning and conserving water. The Lunatec Hydration Spray Bottle holds 1.5L of water, works upside down, and should you need to spray something or someone at a distance you can hit your target if it is within 25 feet. We recommend the Lunatec Hydration Spray Bottle for everyone on your list. Order here.

Sol Soils Potting Mixes

Sol Soils

For the person on your list with a green thumb, here's a way to, as the folks at Sol Soils put it, grow happy plants. And nobody wants their plants to be unhappy! Sol Soils Potting Mixes come in two forms; chunky mixes and gritty mixes. The chunky mix is coarser and stores water well but also drains quickly so there'll be no root rot. Chunky mixes mimic the natural environments that plants like aroids, tropicals, succulents, cacti and orchids come from. Gritty mixes, made in varieties for succulents and cactus, generally contain more organic material. Sol Soils Succulent Gritty Mix contains inorganic materials calcined clay, perlite, pumice (lava), granite and expanded clay along with organic materials coconut husk and pine bark. The Sol Soils Cactus Gritty Mix contains the same inorganic and organic materials as the Succulent Gritty Mix; both are best for desert cacti and other arid weather plants. For houseplants, Sol Soils Houseplant Chunky Mix is recommended. It's an all-purpose potting mix suitable for a wide range of leafy houseplants. It is chock full of inorganic ingredients calcined clay, pumice (lava), perlite and expanded clay as well as organics coconut husks, pine bark and compost. All Sol Soils Potting Mixes are peat moss free and can be used as is without the need for any additional soil. Mixes can be ordered in one, two and four quart packages as well as a seven gallon un-bagged size. There are also mixes made specifically for orchids and bonsais. We've tested the Houseplant Chunky Mix on a few of our plants and we're pretty sure we heard them singing to us this morning. For more information and to order Sol Soils Potting Mixes go here.

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