Patrick Ames - Somehow I'll Find a Way

Patrick Ames - Somehow I'll Find a Way

Patrick Ames' single, "Somehow I'll Find a Way," has a desperate-sounding title. You'd think by this wording, Ames would sound stressed out. And you'd be incorrect. This is, instead, a rather breezy tune about taking it easy while finding oneself. Although not as intentionally funny as Roger Miller's "King of the Road," Ames nevertheless comes off like a guy that's not all that concerned about tomorrow. He's just enjoying the freedom of today.

Ames is pictured in the artwork wearing sunglasses and with earbuds in his ears. He's got music to listen to, and he's ready for especially sunny weather. It's not a song about, say, a factory worker who has punched his last timecard. No, he's a musician that's seeking a new way to make a living creating music. "So, I'm driving home/Full of guitars and microphones/I quit my gig, I'm driving home," he tells us. That's confidence! If the folks in his rearview mirror don't want him, someone will.

The track is sung over a jazzy strummed guitar pattern. It may remind you of '70s soft rock. Or, as hipsters call it nowadays, 'yacht rock.' Ames' voice is a little rough around the edges. It has a scrappiness akin to John Prine's singing style. Prine would never play these jazz chords, though.

Free and easy down the road Ames goes. The world is going crazy in many respects, with many musicians just struggling to make ends meet. You'd never guess there was any trouble with Ames' single, though. He's leaving a bad gig and headed home, and life is good - no matter what the future holds. Ah, if we can only have such a happy-go-lucky attitude.


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