Stocking Stuffers

Here are our suggestions for some unique stocking stuffer gifts including a fun way to enhance date night and a way to help keep away sharks (really!)

Sharkbanz 2 Wearable Shark Deterrent


It is well-known that sharks rely on electroreception (the detection of electric fields or currents) when they're seeking prey. With the Sharkbanz 2 Wearable Shark Deterrent a shark's electroreception can be overwhelmed so that sharks will turn away, reducing the risk of having an interaction. While Sharkbanz do not cause any harm to sharks, they do cause a highly unpleasant sensation that the shark will want to get away from as quickly as possible. Sharkbanz 2 is the latest wearable shark deterrent device from Sharkbanz and it attaches (like a watchband) to the user's wrist or ankle and is perfect for surfers or those wade fishing, free diving, spearfishing, kite surfing or enjoying any kind of open water swim or activity. Sharkbanz 2 uses magnetic technology to effectively repel sharks; technology that has been verified with almost two decades of peer-reviewed scientific research, government testing and field studies. Durable and secure, Sharkbanz have a fit universal to all, have a depth rating of 330 feet (100 meters) and they don't use batteries and never need charging. Sharkbanz also reduce the likelihood of having interactions with rays. To order or watch a video on how Sharkbanz 2 Wearable Shark Deterrent works go here.

"Street Smart Safety for Women" - Written by Joy Farrow and Laura Frombach

Street Smart Safety for Women

This book, written by a former deputy sheriff (Joy Farrow) and a domestic violence survivor (Laura Frombach) offers practical information on ways for women to ensure their safety through defensive living. Some of the topics the pair touch on are how to recognize predators and predatory behavior (including sexual predators), recognizing dating red flags, dealing with liars, scam artists and con men and deciding whether to own and carry a gun or other weapon, and where to aim if you have a gun and need to shoot (start with the groin.) In the Joy's Survival Blueprint chapter there are tips on dealing with a stranger at the door, how to stay safe while shopping, knowing where the exits are when in a public building and even how to deal in an active shooter situation. There are chapters dealing with the psychological aspects of staying safe too; tips on recognizing and avoiding manipulation and coercive control, recognizing an abuse victim and how to avoid misogyny-weaponized technology are included. Very thorough and delivered in plain language, "Street Smart Safety for Women" will be beneficial to women of all ages and walks of life. This potentially life-saving paperback is from HCI Books and available to order here.

Crystal Magnesium Enriched Deodorant

Crystal Deodorant

We know what you're thinking. Do I really want to give a friend or loved one deodorant as a gift? Won't they think I'm trying to tell them something? Actually your recipient will be thrilled to open a gift of Crystal Magnesium Enriched Deodorant which is far superior to mass marketed brands. The first thing you need to know is that the product works; not only does an application provide 24-hour odor control, it does so without leaving any white stains or greasy residue on skin or clothing. Crystal is the company that invented the original mineral salt deodorant several decades ago and they've accrued lots of wisdom to apply to making deodorants over the years. Your gift recipient will appreciate that Crystal Magnesium Enriched Deodorant contains no aluminum or baking soda, is vegan and never tested on animals, and contains no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, artificial fragrances or colors. Non-irritating and tested by dermatologists to be hypoallergenic, Crystal Magnesium Enriched Deodorant won't block the user's pores either. Available in Lavender + Rosemary, Coconut + Vanilla, Cucumber + Mint, Sea Salt + Sage, Charcoal + Tea Tree, Clean + Fresh and Pure + Gentle scents. Now that's smelling good naturally! May be ordered at Amazon; for more information go here.

It's a Date!

It's a Date!

Let's face it, couples can get in a rut when it comes to date night. With the It's a Date! game fun and a bit of mystery can be put back into going on a date, whether it's with someone relatively new or with a long time significant other. It's a Date! is a set of 40 scratch-off cards that reveal an idea for a date activity when scratched. The first thing for players to do is grab the stack of cards that corresponds to the time of day the date will be taking place; there are cards for daytime dates, anytime dates and nighttime dates. Then each card has information on approximately how long the date will last and an estimate of how much the date will cost (some are free.) Then there are three "clues" to what the date will entail on each card, words like "creative," "adventurous," "throwback" "feel-good," "silly," "competitive" and "romantic" provide hints as to what the date will entail. Each card is marked "home" or "out and about" so players can choose a card depending on how ambitious they're feeling. Then all that's left to do is scratch the chosen card and begin the date! The mystery activity is easy to reveal; just scratch with a coin or the provided plastic disc. The fun-loving dater on your list will be enamored with It's a Date! Available for purchase at Amazon.

Bits Algae Tablets

Bits Algae Tablets

If you have a health-conscious person on your gift list they may already be familiar with the benefits of algae, specifically spirulina and chlorella. Both of those are ingredients in the four nutritional supplements from Energy Bits Algae Tablets (they're called "bits" because they are "bits of nutrition".) Spirulina, for example, known as "nature's most nutritious food," is great for improving memory, better physical performance, improvement of obesity biomarkers and reducing the body's heavy metal levels (bye bye arsenic!) Chlorella removes toxins too as well as supporting the immune system, lowering cholesterol, improving blood pressure and increasing the capacity for better aerobic endurance. Energy Bits for focus and fitness and Beauty Bits for self-care and longevity have spirulina, Recovery Bits for detox and wellness have chlorella and Vitality Bits for self-care and wellness have both. All varieties are in small bits that can be chewed as is, swallowed with water or added to a smoothie. The bits have no sugar, are non-GMO and keto vegan. A very simple way to get 40 nutrients in all including Vitamins A, D, E, B6, B9 and B12 along with iron, zinc, copper, amino acids, essential fatty acids and chlorophyll and to start living a life of "Wellness Reimagined." For more information and to order go here.

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