The Long Dark Trail

Suspense and horror on "The Long Dark Trail"

"The Long Dark Trail" - Directed by Nick Psinakis and Kevin Ignatius - Cleopatra Entertainment (Blu-ray)

Jacob and Henry, teenage brothers living in poverty and fed up with taking abuse from their father, set out to find their mother. Just one big problem; mom is living with a cult somewhere in a Pennsylvania forest that is allegedly cursed. That notion will prove to be true as the boys, first on their bikes and then on foot, run into some nasty things on their journey. They follow railroad tracks then forest trails with only a vague hope that they're going in the right direction. After Jacob disturbs a grave's marking, things start happening. Sores appear on Henry's neck, at first no more in appearance that bug bites or such, but soon they've grown to be hideous. And then there are Henry's hallucinations, of course of the very frightening kind. Things get a little better when Henry finds and throws away a talisman that Jacob had pocketed and the sores start healing. At that point the brothers consider abandoning their search for mom but ultimately opt to continue on. Ominous signs abound that should scare them off but they carry on and find the cult's settlement and mom who tries to shoo them off. Adamant that they're going to rescue her, the lads sneak back into the camp under the cover of darkness but they are captured by the madman who runs the place. He wants their blood and is about to sacrifice the boys by running stakes through their hearts when...? The film is suspenseful to the very end of the long dark trail. Henry and Jacob are played by real life brothers Carter and Brady O'Donnell.

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