Victoria Anthony - New Disaster

by Morley Seaver

Victoria Anthony - New Disaster

I'm about as far from my teenage years as you can get so why do I love New Disaster, the sophomore record from Canada's Victoria Anthony, so much? The answer lies in the thirteen great songs that make up this impressive outing. Aimed squarely at the younger set, seventeen year-old Victoria empties out all her feelings on some power-pop that will still appeal to ears of all ages with infectious melodies and universal themes.

Think Avril Lavigne with better songs and you'll have an idea of what to expect here, namely choruses that stick in your head and a compelling vocal. Things start off with the title track, a bouncy tune that Taylor Swift would loved to have written and I was on board from the first few bars. It's followed by "Can't Hold Back", a more rock-oriented song that will have your head bobbing in short order. "Better Boyfriend" (pure "Skater Boi" territory here) and "Little Secret" will both hit like a Red Bull rush.

The first song I heard on this record was the ballad "You Don't Love Me" and it's the one that made me want to hear more. This is an absolutely beautiful song that showcases her emotive voice. It's almost rivalled by "Fight For Me", which channels all the angst of teenage romance in a gorgeously-dark framework.

All the rest of the songs serve to make for a pretty remarkable record because there's not a stinker in the whole bunch. Altogether a terrifically enjoyable set of music that is makes a perfect summer soundtrack for the young --- and the not-so young should not miss out on the fun either. The complete opposite of the title, New Disaster is anything but!

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