Vinyl Moon

This time out our spotlight on vinyl features the Vinyl Moon label. The imprint is already a vinyl lover's delight; now they're releasing titles with Augmented Reality!

Lost & Sound - Various Artists

Lost & Sound

Vinyl Moon titles are different from most in that each release features a carefully-curated compilation of songs by, for the most part, acts that have yet to be "discovered." In other words, with these releases you can be "the first on your block" to get hip to some very cool music. Lost & Sound begins with the dreamy but sprightly synth instrumental "Stasis" from New York's Eagle Eyed Tiger before moving into a sublime groove called "Nyctophilia" from Germany's Dopeman and two more European imports; the somewhat manic beats of "Grit" from Brecon (from the UK) and the big flourishes of "Dimma" from Sweden's John Dunder. All of those are also instrumentals as is the Side A closer, the effects-filled groove "Downcast" from Indonesia's Vibenacci. In case you haven't guessed it yet, the theme of Lost & Sound is something like "dance, with a twist." The album's B-side employs vocals here and there, beginning with what sounds like a slightly-altered children's choir on "The Smallest Thing," a downbeat melody from Australia's Little Archer. Blooy is a project of Dutch artist Frank Wijn and he lays down a jazzy groove called "School is Out," complete with occasional euphoric childlike vocalizations. American artists Lysca (Philadelphia), John Mint (Chicago) and Julia Bloop (Los Angeles) add their music to complete the album. Special features include:

Augmented Reality: Make sure the Artivive app is installed on your phone to view this album's already trippy artwork, designed by Tyler Weitz, in even trippier Augmented Reality where it comes to life! Instructions on how to view are on the album jacket.

Jacket design: More than just a gatefold, the album jacket has four flaps that fold out to make a beautiful and surreal scene, insert features notes on all artists.

Colored vinyl: Available in translucent blue or translucent blue with fuchsia splatter.

Digital experience. A code found on the album's insert allows you to listen to the album online.

The Palm Rose - Various Artists

The Palm Rose

This collection of 10 tunes is loosely-themed around the idea of exploration, or the need to explore. "Someday," the A-side opener from L.A.'s Just Super is sparkling pop with horn accents and lyrics that look forward to travel and all the other things that'll be done, someday. Also from Los Angeles is Kowloon, a musician and producer who offers the breezy pop of the self-explanatory "Life in Japan," while Moldova's Twuna wraps up the A-side with "Stay," a sung-in-English cut about hoping that a love relationship continues. The UK's Calper & Ollie Hussey kick off the B-side with the understated "For A While" while their countryman Harry Heart brings the "Heat," sublime pop which is again about a relationship, and featuring the line "Would you care if I cheat?" The entire B-side is subdued and "Tightrope" by Josh Tavares, from Canada, finishes the album on an especially reflective note. Special features include:

Jacket design: Trifold jacket featuring art by Justine Shirin, insert features notes on all artists.

Colored vinyl: Available in rose pink or rose pink with black splatter.

Digital experience: A code found on the insert allows listeners to experience the album online.

Vinyl Moon releases can be purchased individually or the label has a club option where new releases are shipped monthly here.

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