Easter Gift Guide

by Kevin Wierzbicki

Easter is a fun time to give gifts, whether it's a basket full of goodies or an individual present. Here we offer some gift ideas that we really like and that we think your gift recipient will too. And you'll find a sweet treat at the end!

Couchmaster by Nerdytec


Wow this is really something special! Couchmaster, from the geniuses at Nerdytec, is the ultimate "couch desk" for those who prefer to or who need to work from the sofa. Couchmaster is an easy to set up, extremely functional desk that's perfect for using a computer keyboard, laptop or gaming system on. Here are the details. The desk itself is comprised of two soft rectangular support cushions that you place to the left and to the right, spaced so that they fit the width of the "support case" that is the desk's work surface. Then you hook up whatever cabling you need, depending on what device you'll be using. There are included USB cables to help with that and places (access holes) on the support case to put them through so you don't have any tangles or such. On the bottom of the support case is where you'll connect cables for your mouse, keyboard, headset, etc. and again all are connected and stowed neatly so your work surface is not cluttered and there's nothing to trip on when you get up. Plug the whole thing in with the included AC adapter and you're good to go. Beware though, you may never want to get out of the easy chair once you're working in complete comfort! To order or see exactly what Couchmaster looks like and check out all its features and how easy it is to set up go here.

Park + Coop Upcycled Apron

Park + Coop

Park + Coop's Upcycled Apron is attractive in so many ways! It is stylish and functional and made to last a long time. And let's not forget the ecological factor; since Park + Coop Upcycled Aprons are made from denim that would otherwise go to the landfill, these desirable aprons are in their own way helping the planet. And they'll help the wearer too, whether being used in a traditional way like cooking indoors or barbecuing, or for gardening or any type of activity where an apron is helpful in keeping the mess off of the clothes underneath. The strength of denim has got you covered, literally! A large pocket on the apron can hold cooking or gardening tools, workshop tools, your phone or what have you, and wait until you hear how the Park + Coop Upcycled Apron attaches to your body. Unlike a regular apron that you loop over your head and then fasten with a waist tie, Park + Coop is held on by a pair of adjustable suspender-like straps; they cross behind the back and hold securely. Our apron is black with bright yellow straps and we humbly admit that we look fantastic in it. Machine wash the apron when you need to, hand clean the straps and your Park + Coop Upcycled Apron will look good for a very long time. Various colors and sizes, including for kids, are available. Order here.

Infinity Footwear by Cherokee

Infinity Footwear

It's always fun to get a new pair of shoes and your Easter gift recipient will love some new kicks from Infinity by Cherokee. The brand, which makes footwear to meet the needs of medical professionals and others who are on their feet all day, has a line called Infinity by Cherokee Men's Fly Athletic Work Shoe, a sneaker that's an updated version of a high-top that offers more support with every step. Here are some deets. The shoes are oil and slip resistant; rubber outsoles resist slipping and hold their ground on oily surfaces. There's a removable polyurethane insole that's breathable and latex-free; we leave ours in for arch support and heel cupping that helps with all-day comfort. And this is really important; Infinity Footwear has a textile lining that's treated with a special odor reducing antimicrobial agent. Everybody will appreciate that! As the folks at Cherokee like to say about Infinity Footwear, they are "shoes with a purpose." In other words, every high-tech material in the design is there for a reason. And here's more good news: the price is right! Plan on getting a couple of pairs so you can keep one for yourself; they won't set you back much. The company gives back too by donating a percentage of proceeds to various charities. See all the varieties and colors offered by Infinity Footwear by Cherokee and other items from the Medical Scrubs Collection, like breezy joggers, athletic shoes, scrubs, petite scrubs and lots of other chic fashions for all occasions here.

RE:CHI Wellness Tea

RE CHI tea

Here's a great gift for the health conscious person that you're thinking of this Easter. RE:CHI is a wellness concept that's rooted in ancient living wisdom, specifically Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Practitioners of TCM believe that the body, mind and soul are one unit and can only work properly if balance is observed. And RE:CHI Wellness Tea makes it very easy to get on the path to balance; what could be easier than drinking a cup of delicious tea? RE:CHI formulates four varieties of tea: RE:FRESH for digestion and bloat and to soothe abdominal discomfort, RE:STORE for immunity and defense and to tone the liver and support spleen chi, RE:ENERGIZE for energy and vitality and to replenish chi, kidney and yin, and RE:LAX for sleep and insomnia and to promote restful sleep and support natural circadian rhythm. All of the RE:CHI teas are packed in biodegradable tea bags and you steep them as you would an ordinary tea bag. You'll notice that the tea bags are a little lumpy; that's because RE:CHI uses only whole ingredients in their blends. Those all natural ingredients include things like jujube seed, lily bulb, longan fruit and chamomile in RE:LAX and hawthorn berry, barley sprout, aged tangerine peel, radish seed and cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and clove in RE:FRESH. All of these ingredients have been used in TCM for hundreds of years. Your gift recipient can get on the path to balance one sip at a time when you order here.



It happens to all of us; sometimes that darn can or bottle just doesn't want to pop open. The frustration (and sometimes pain!) that comes along with stubborn cans and bottles can be dispensed with easily thanks to the handy dandy tool known as the magicOpener! Cleverly shaped like a bottle, magicOpener has at its top an opening to slide the pull tab of a soda, soup or pet food can into so you can use leverage for an easy open without ripping up your fingernails. Then in the body of magicOpener there are two grippers that unseal small, medium and large plastic screw-off bottle tops. At the base of the magicOpener is a standard bottle opener. We use ours a couple of times a day and since it is magnetic it's right there on the front of the fridge so we don't have to go searching through drawers, we just grab it and get the job done. The magicOpener is small enough that it will fit in an Easter basket or gift bag if you'd like. Perfect not only for the kitchen but for the nightstand, office, beach, RV, car and boat and basically anywhere. Take it camping! It enjoys being outdoors! Order the unique magicOpener here.

Bell's Reines Mini Cookies

Bell's Reines

We told you there'd be a sweet treat at the end and we weren't kidding! If you want to take a nice gift to an Easter gathering or load someone's basket or gift bag up with something special, Bell's Reines Mini Cookies are just what the bunny ordered. For the chocolate lover there are chocolate chip, double choco chip, gluten free chocolate chip and matcha white chip cookies (some of each please!) Do they have snickerdoodle, you ask? Yes indoodly do, and lemon, oatmeal raisin and butter too. Well now we're getting the munchies! Bell's Reines is a family business and they clearly put plenty of love into their baked goods, but they don't put nuts in these delicious vegan and ethically sourced low-carb goodies. For giving as a gift you'll want to order one of the Bell's Reines cookie tins so you have a nice presentation, but anyone would be totally happy with a snack pack or larger bag of the cookies too. As they say at Bell's Reines, "Life is sweet. Savor the small things!" See all of the cookie varieties and package sizes and place your order here.

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