Father's Day Gift Guide Part 1

by Kevin Wierzbicki

Father's Day 2024 is almost here; dad's special day is Sunday June 16. Here we offer up some suggestions for gifts for dear old dad and there's not a tie among them! We do recommend some very cool shirts though and we start there and finish up with some savory treats.

The Club(s) Forever Grind Performance Polos


Whether he's out on the links or out on the town dad will be looking and feeling good when he's wearing a golf-style polo from The Club(s) Forever Grind collection. At The Club(s) they think of golf as a lifestyle as opposed to just a game and their Forever Grind line of fashionable men's athletic wear fits that attitude to a tee (a golf tee!) Dad will be extremely comfortable in one of the Forever Grind polos from The Club(s) as they are super soft as well as breathable and stretchy; they are absorbent and UV ray resistant too. There are eight polo designs available in the Forever Grind collection, all of them in bright colors, a little bit loud but not garish. Our favorite pattern is called Dogleg Slant where geometrical figures represent a challenging dogleg feature on the golf course; also with a golf-centric name is Off Birdie where the head of an iron is a recurring part of the design (all polos sport a very cool golf club head logo too.) Another fun design is Desert Kiss; it is more subtly golf related with a pattern that reflects the layouts of some desert golf courses. The Club(s) has a lot more than the Forever Grind Performance Polo collection so maybe consider getting your fashion-forward, golf-loving dad a cap, a performance jacket (hoodie) or comfy quarter-zip pullover too. See them all and order here.

LazySaxs Game


Here's a really fun and easy to play game that dad can enjoy with family and friends. The "lazy" in the game's name is derived from the fact that it is played sitting down; low beach chairs are best for good LazySaxs play. Setting up indoors or outdoors, chairs should be spaced about eight feet apart with a LazySaxs "funnel" placed in front of each chair. The funnel, consisting of a cup mounted on top of a plate, is what players aim for as they toss sacks and earn points depending on where the sacks land. The sacks are soft so while LazySaxs is typically played outdoors there's no reason why it can't be played indoors wherever there's space. A carry bag is included for handy transport of the game if you're taking it to the park, the beach or to a campsite. The folks at LazySaxs (by the way the second "s" stands for "sport" and is silent) have made up a relatively simple set of rules for scoring but they also encourage players to make up their own rules if they wish. But not as you go, dad! Order dad's LazySaxs game here.

"There's Work to Be Done": An Official "Yellowstone" Quote Book

There's Work to Be Done

If dad is a fan of the hit television program "Yellowstone" he'll have fun with this official quote book of one-liners taken from the gritty modern Western. Some of the quotes will be understood by all, like character Monica Dutton's quote from Season 5, "If it doesn't make you cry to watch your family ride away you probably shouldn't have one;" others may not resonate with those who don't follow the show. Each quote is printed in large text with smaller text indicating what character said it and in what season and episode. Some quotes stand alone on a page while others feature in a two-page layout that includes a photo featuring the character in a scene that is germane to the quote. Dad surely has his favorite characters from the show but the overall favorite is without a doubt Rip Wheeler, the no-nonsense ranch foreman and overall tough guy, represented here with quotes like "My job is to protect this family," "I don't choose the way," "I think about now. I think about tomorrow. But I don't give too much thought to yesterday" and the words that give the book its title, "There's work to be done." Featured quotes come from family patriarch John Dutton and all members of the Dutton clan as well as many other cast members. If you give this book to dad for Father's Day though just be aware that he may, if you ask him for advice, break out a classic "Yellowstone" quote and tell you to "Pray like hell and hold on!" Seventy-five quotes in all over 144 pages; also available as an ebook from Adams Media/Simon and Schuster. Order dad's copy here.

Maxell Bass13 Active Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones

Maxell headphones

Block out the world! Those words are printed on the front of the box of the Maxell Bass13 Active Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones, and indeed everyone, including dad, need to do that sometimes. And that notion is very easy to achieve with the Bass13 headphones. When dad connects the headphones by Bluetooth to his favorite device and activates the noise canceling feature, about 20 dB of outside noise will be eliminated. That'll make it so much easier for dad to enjoy his music, concentrate on an ebook or podcast, or focus on a video game. And there's no compromise in the famous Maxell sound reproduction as the Bass13 headphones deliver an immersive full range sound through their powerful 40mm high-fidelity drivers. They have a built in microphone and a detachable boom mic for phone calls or other uses and they'll operate for 10 hours before needing a charge. And for when dad is on the move the Bass13 headphones come with a handy travel pouch. Order dad's Maxell Bass13 Active Noise Canceling Wireless Headphones here.

Moss Air Moss Humidifier & Air Purifier

Moss Air

Everyone benefits when the air around them is fresher and dad will really appreciate a gift of the Moss Air Moss Humidifier & Air Purifier. A charming and unique way to humidify and/or purify a living space, the humidifier function of the Moss Air Moss Humidifier & Air Purifier works the same way any other humidifier works; just add water to the tank and let the device create moist air for the area. But here's the really cool thing: The Moss Air utilizes real moss to purify air, just as nature does in the great outdoors. Just set the Moss Air to terrarium mode and the device will stimulate photosynthesis in the moss of the included moss filter which in turn will help purify the surrounding air. It's science but it's really just Mother Nature! And the Moss Air is quite the attention-getter too; there's LED lighting that can be turned on and off that when on will highlight the beautiful green of the moss. Thorough instructions come with the Moss Air that explain how to keep the moss actively growing, how to keep the moss at the optimum moisture level (use the included spritzer bottle), how to keep the Moss Air free of contaminants and everything else dad needs to know. The humidifying and purifying modes can be run together for around seven to eight hours when the device is fully charged and can be used with or without the charger being plugged in. Order dad's Moss Air Moss Humidifier & Air Purifier in black or white here.

Blendjet 2 Portable Blender


BlendJet is the maker of the original portable blender and the BlendJet 2 is the latest version of their handy-dandy device. Probably the first thing dad's going to think of when he receives his gift of a BlendJet 2 is "wow, I can make my smoothies on the go!" And that he can do but the powerful BlendJet 2 is no one-trick pony! Dad can use it to make protein shakes, milk shakes, cocktails, juices, dips, mousse, dressings, toppings, desserts, baby food and even pasta sauce! All of which can be done anywhere since the BlendJet 2 is completely portable; just keep it charged up via the USB-C charging port (cable included) and it will be good for about 15 blends before needing a recharge. The BlendJet 2 has a 6-point stainless steel blade, a leak proof lid and a carrying strap, is quiet and there are measurement markings right on the container so dad will get everything mixed just right. And the whole thing is operated with the touch of just one button. The phrase "cleanup is a breeze" applies to the BlendJet 2 as all that needs to be done is to put water and dish soap in the container, turn the blender on and then rinse it out. Easy-peasy! Or you might say, "really smoothie!" BlendJet 2 is available in lots of colors and designs; pick out one for dad here.

Sanuk Ziggy X Mossy Oak Sandals

Ziggy X Mossy Oak Sandals

The folks at Mossy Oak are specialists in outdoor gear and especially items utilizing camouflage and those two specialties are combined in the Sanuk Ziggy X Mossy Oak Sandals, a water-friendly sandal that features the Original Bottomland camo design on the straps; that's the camo design that started it all for Mossy Oak 35-years ago. Dad will be ready for aquatic adventure when he's wearing his Ziggys whether he's wading into the water or just walking the shore where a wave or two might infringe on his path. The Sanuk Ziggy X Mossy Oak Sandals are very sharp looking so dad will enjoy showing them off away from the water too, like maybe at the coffee shop, craft brewery or wherever he likes to kick back and relax with friends. Maybe that's at a BBQ or at a campsite; no matter where, these sandals will keep his feet feeling comfy thanks to their high rebound footbeds. In layman's terms that means the soles are squishy and designed to enhance dad's daily vertical experience (the time he spends on his feet.) And to keep within the loving-the-outdoors mood, recycled materials are used in the construction of the sandals. Available in sizes 7-14, Sanuk Ziggy X Mossy Oak Sandals can be ordered here.

Old Trapper Beef Jerky

Old Trapper

Well we told you there'd be a savory treat for dad at the end (we didn't want your mouth to be watering while you read our other gift suggestions.) Dad has probably had his share of tough, gnarly beef jerky over the years; well the first thing we want to tell you about Old Trapper Beef Jerky is that it is incredibly soft, not rough on the gums at all, and a pure pleasure to savor. The next thing we want to tell you about Old Trapper Beef Jerky is to make sure you order dad a good supply; because of the softness and perfect use of spices it is very easy to go through a full bag fairly quickly! Old Trapper Beef Jerky comes in four varieties: Peppered, Teriyaki (our fave!), Hot & Spicy and Old Fashioned Traditional Style, all of which can be purchased in 4 ounce or 10 ounce bags (if dad is really a big beef jerky fan, get him a case of eight or 16 quarter pound bags (the 16 bag option therefore is equal to four pounds of chewy fun.) Also available are packages of kippered beef steak that come in two ounce sizes (two pieces per package.) We have one of those on hand and we're going to reward ourselves with it right now! Some Old Trapper Beef Jerky products can be found in stores nationwide but you can order dad's stash online here.

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